Environmental Considerations


Deercreek is built around a 285-acre wildlife and wetlands preserve. The Architectural Review Board considers the natural beauty of our area when reviewing landscaping, both hard and soft changes. One of the most important aspects of a community is its tree canopy. Trees provide shade, which cools the immediate microclimate, provides habitat for wildlife, and improves property values. The ARB is responsible for maintaining our tree canopy. Perpetual replacement of new hardwoods is necessary in order to compensate for the natural life span of existing trees. ARB policies require every property to have a minimum number of trees. When circumstances require healthy, unhealthy or dead trees to be removed, mitigation by planting replacement trees is generally required.

Additionally, many of the areas in our community border conservation easements which are set up to ensure a healthy environment for future generations. A conservation easement is a perpetual, undivided interest in property designed to conserve open space, to protect environmentally sensitive lands, and to promote wildlife habitats along with other considerations. Generally, mowing or trimming vegetation, removing dead trees, adding material such as grass clippings or dead plant material into the conservation easements and marshes is not permitted, and is subject to enforcement action by the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD).

The ARB is currently considering revisions to update the landscaping requirements for our community. These revisions may incorporate more “Florida-Friendly Landscape” guidelines, clarification of minimum landscape requirements, and may provide clearer guidance for homeowners who are dealing with landscape renovations and tree removals. Suggestions from members of the community are welcome and may be submitted by email  Once the guidelines are updated and approved by the Board of Directors, they will become effective. The ARB looks forward to working together with residents in an effort to enhance the beauty of our community.