End of Year Luncheon and Installation of Officers

On May 8 we will host our annual Appreciation Lunch for the hardworking crews who keep our neighborhood trimmed and tidy. You see the Connors team and the Golf Course maintenance guys out at all hours to keep us looking good. And we host a wonderful lunch each year to tell them Thank You.

Then on May 24 we will have an End of the Year Luncheon to thank all the members of the Deercreek Home and Garden Club Board. This year we have enjoyed interesting programs, a great Field Trip to the San Sebastian Winery, Game Day and another fabulous Fashion Show. These events take many hands and lots of cooperation. Cary Flynn has been our President for 4 years and has done a fabulous job during her tenure. As her parting gift, she has supervised the purchase and installation of two more deer statues for the community.

Next year’s Board will be installed at the luncheon: Pres – Sharon Coleman, VP – Catherine Wood, Treasurer – Julia Watkins & Secretaries - Paula Soehlig/Sandy Harrington. For a complete list of all the Committee Chairs go to www.deercreekcc.com and click on our Home and Garden Club link for information and photo albums.

Please RSVP for the luncheon with Sharon Coleman sharoncoleman268@comcast.net or 904-314-7634. If you have questions about us, please call our Membership Chairs, Carol D’Onofrio 519-0924 or Karen Rutland 219-4135. We’ll be happy to meet you!