Driving in or out? A pleasure to behold!

Next time you drive in or out of Deercreek, please look at the beautiful new Grecian Urn in front of the gatehouse. What a lovely new addition to our entrance. Special thanks to Charlotte Johnson for suggesting and supporting the purchase of this lovely urn through the Home and Garden Club; and to Lorraine Clancy who worked along with Charlotte in planting attractive plants and flowers to enhance the median in front of our gatehouse. Thanks for your support to Deercreek Home and Garden Club ­— without your participation we would not be able to do these beautiful projects.

In case you were wondering, the previous urn has been repurposed. It now sits at a different location on Deercreek Club Road. We love where we live and we want it to continue to be a beautiful and well-maintained community. We are always grateful for any suggestions that you may have to beautify or improve our community.