Did you know… 100 Dogs and 40 Cats have been registered at the gate?

Have you registered your dog, your cat or any other special pet that resides with you?

The Gate Access Page which can be found on the Deercreek web site allows you to register your beloved pet. Log on to the Gate Access Page.

  • Click on My Account
  • Scroll down to Pet Information.
  • Enter Pets Name:
  • Enter Breed: dog, cat, bird
  • Enter Color: white, spotted, tan, etc.

Notes: any other information can be entered here-ie: Male/Female, Weight, Friendly or Possessive, Collar or Microchip, and Disabilities, if any.

The gate receives numerous phone calls that an animal has been found, or sometimes a neighbor will call the gate and report a pet is on the loose. By utilizing this list, the gate officers can do a PC search for a lost pet by breed and/or color and identify to whom the pet belongs.Then the owner can be contacted and told where their pet was last seen, or in some cases-reunite an owner with a pet that has been dropped off at the gate.