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Deercreek Home and Garden Club

When was the last time you walked around Deercreek and really looked at your surroundings -and not just your shoes as you tried not to trip? With the scorching heat we have had this year, did you remember to appreciate the patches of shade cast by the many trees along the way?

Those trees didn’t just appear out of the blue and the builders/developers didn’t provide nearly enough when they put in the landscaping for the homes. So, the Home & Garden Club ladies got to work and organized the 1999 Tree Sale to “Green Up Deercreek”. They focused on Street Trees that would eventually provide a leafy canopy, attract songbirds, produce oxygen and help dry out our boggy soil. The Davy/Big Tree Experts provided the trees at a group discount and planted them for the homeowners who bought them. The ‘Honor Tree Program’ was also started where a tree would be planted in honor of a loved one.

Those 125 trees did so well that in 2000 we bought more and the Home & Garden Club began planting a Live Oak tree to honor each of its Golden Acorn Award winners who have shown community leadership and helped Deercreek grow and mature. It was also possible to buy flowering trees to brighten up the rest of your yard. The last major Tree Sale was in 2010 and we have begun to run out of places to put our Honor Trees, but you can look around your property and see where you could put a new tree and invest in our environment.

There are more than 230 trees in Deercreek now that give shade, beauty and oxygen to our residents and all the wildlife that shares our space. So, if you see Mary Louise Selzer, Rita Allen, Nancy Jantz, Charlotte Johnson, Sandy Montgomery, Mary Stelbrink or Cheryl Stokes, please thank them for organizing and implementing the various Tree Sale Programs over the years. The picture shows how bare Vineyard Lake Rd N. looked in the beginning. What a difference a few years make!