Deercreek Home and Garden Club

By Patty Tomka

September 22 - 10:00 AM at the Club

'Daylilies Will Brighten Your Day'

Did you grow up in an area where Daylilies, Queen Ann’s Lace and Goldenrod lined the back roads? They grew all by themselves with no gardening required and brought a smile to your face whenever you passed them. We recently vacationed in NC, where daylilies were part of every flowerbed. Those daylilies were usually yellow or orange but today’s array of hybrid daylilies is amazing.

We have asked Ray Wensell, the Awards and Honors Liaison from the American Hemerocallis Society, to come and talk to us about how the field has changed and how we can grow them in our yards.

Daylilies are not native to America but came from Asia, where the buds are also roasted and eaten. But the plants grow so easily that they were passed from neighbor to neighbor from coast to coast. The pioneers threw roots in the back of their covered wagons and they survived the trip to grow in their new locations, tolerating awful soil and blooming year after year.

Hemerocallis means ‘beauty for a day’. The flowers open in the morning and die at night! But each stem has a dozen flowers each, so the blooming lasts for weeks. Breeders have tinkered with the originals so that we now have thousands of different cultivars. There are various heights, bloom times, colors and shapes. There are singles, doubles, minis, evergreen and reblooming. With this amazing variety, you can surely find something that will be perfect for that bare spot in your yard. Mr. Wensell will bring along some plants for sale so that you can get started on your own daylily collection. They WILL grow!

Plan to come for the Home and Garden Club meeting at 10:00am and then stay for lunch to meet old and new friends.

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