Deercreek Home and Garden Club: Special Project

By Patricia Tomka 
We combine our efforts with the Deercreek Common Property Committee to help keep Deercreek beautiful. We're delighted to take this opportunity to show you one of our big projects this year. The Ligustrum tree in front of the Deercreek signs has been slowly dying of old age. After years of patching it up, our Special Projects Committee (Charlotte Johnson, Sandy Montgomery and Cary Flynn) finally decided to replace it. This required a crane to lift out the old one and put the new one in! Our new tree is full and beautiful and healthy and should grace our entrance for a long time.

We continue to look for ways to make our community stand out from the other neighborhoods and keep interest high when new folks are looking for a home in Jacksonville. So, thank a Home and Garden Club member for helping keep your property values up! Then come and join us at a Home and Garden Club meeting to see what we’re up to next.