Deercreek Home and Garden Club : Redesign

Redesign - Creatively Repurposed

Tuesday September 23, 10:00am
By Patty Tomka

Have you ever looked at a room in your house and thought "I have no idea how to make this look like the pictures in the magazines, I'd rather burn it all and start again?!" Well put away the matches because we have a solution that won't even involve a second mortgage. Barbara Greene, [IRIS, ADE, RESA] will show us how to rejuvenate, repurpose and redesign our homes using our own things. Her company "Redesign Today' offers many options to your decorating dilemmas. "Professional Interior Redesigners give homeowners a fresh new look without buying anything new by simply rearranging existing furniture, artwork and accessories in just a few hours." During a one-day makeover, her Interior Redesigners will 'go shopping' in your home and see a different use for many of the items you have overlooked for years. Furniture might be put on a diagonal, an old backgammon board might be hung on the wall as artwork or used as a drink tray or placed on the hearth as a background for a vase full of antique knitting needles! Walls don't need to be adorned with fine art. Do you have some crocheted doilies that your favorite Grandma made but are stuck in a closet? Frame them and make a grouping. Add some small mirrors or architectural pieces to fill out the grouping. A one day redesign will make a world of difference.

They also do 'Home Staging' before you put your house on the market. We have all seen the fabulous looks of the staged homes on TV but they come at a price! Barbara uses things you already own to get the same effect. She also does 'Relocation Staging' as you are moving in so that the pieces from the old house can fit into the new house seamlessly. Are you having a big Holiday Party and are overwhelmed with all the details? Let Barbara's crew come and look over your stash of decorations and decide how best to use them. They have also been known to 'Switch Rooms' by using the spaces more creatively. Just because the builder said it was a dining room doesn't mean that it couldn't be better used as a library or an office. Their newest service involves 'Kitchen and Bathroom Design' where they take you from concept to completion, guiding you through the process and dealing with scheduling of supplies and sub-contractors until you have your new, beautiful space.

And if you are so intrigued by the Redesign concept that you want to do it yourself, Barbara teaches 5 day ADE Approved Certification Courses in Interior Redesign and Home Staging. Come to our September 23 meeting and hear about all the different aspects of her creative business or check out her website: or Barbara has a wealth of information and you can't help but be energized by her enthusiasm. She has appeared on WJXT, The Morning Show and loves being an IRIS instructor, showing others how to 'rejuvenate, repurpose and redesign'.

If you are interested in joining the Home and Garden Club please call Anne Klueppel at 519-5368 or Lee Ann Phillips at 519-6931. They will be glad to tell you about us. If you would like to stay and have lunch together, you can place your order before the meeting and it will be ready when we adjourn. This is a great way to meet new friends and spend time with old friends.