Deercreek Dines

By Patty Tomka

February 24 @ 10 am at the Club
 ‘Deercreek Dines’
Cooking Demonstration by Chef Shawn Meeks

Since Chef Shawn came to Deercreek in May 2014, members have been saying that the meals are interesting and delicious. We asked him to come to the Home and Garden Club meeting and give us a demonstration of how he works his magic and talk about the dining options here. Chef Shawn Meeks has brought a spark to the Deercreek kitchen and we’re pleased with his ‘Eat Better, Eat Together’ philosophy where he focuses on the latest food trends like Farm to Fork and Gluten Free. He knows his way around a kitchen! He grew up in his family’s Italian Restaurant in upstate NY, washing dishes and helping cook on slow nights. After graduating at the top of his class from Connecticut Culinary Institute he did an internship at Amelia Island Plantation. He moved on to Executive Sous Chef and then to Executive Chef in two yacht clubs before coming to Deercreek. Club Corp has recognized his ability and he was chosen as one of their top 12 Chefs and spent a week in Napa Valley studying at the CIA Greystone Campus – and sampling the wines, I’m guessing.

He will be making an ‘Apple Tartin’ for us and we’ll be able to sample it right then. So plan to attend this meeting and then stay for lunch to try out the other things on his menu. You can order before the meeting and it will be ready afterwards.

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