DCCOA Website Changes

May 2018

Over the past two months the Communications Committee has been very busy updating our website to make it a little more user friendly and, most importantly, provide each residents with important Association information and activities in a timely manner. The Website contains far more information than the monthly Newsletter and is generally. We continue to post more and more information here to ensure you stay in tune with Board and Committee events.

Below is a list of all the changes that have been made: 

  • All Board and Committee information is current. Whenever a change occurs, our website is updated just a few days later; please use our website as your source of information as it will always be the most up-to-date.
  • A new tab has been created called DCCOA DOCUMENTS. The Policies and Procedures document, now called the Board and Committee Policies and Procedures, was reformatted, changed, approved by the Board and updated in March. It more clearly defines the roles of the Board and Committees. All versions of all of our governing documents will be archived on our website so residents can access that information. Once the website is password protected, all governing documents will remain on the public side so potential buyers have access to how our community operates.
  • We are now posting all Board Approved Minutes to the website. The Board of Director Highlights are posted after each meeting on the Home page of the website about a week after the meeting. We provide this information so you quickly know what items were discussed and action taken at the Board meeting. The official minutes from each meeting are approved at the following month’s Board meeting. To see the Board meeting Minutes click on the DCCOA tab, then Board of Directors and on the right side of the page as you scroll down you will see BOARD MEETING MIUTES and a link to each month minutes starting with March 2018.
  • In conjunction with the Committee Fair, a document was created that summarizes each committee’s charter and tasks and provides Chair contact info and meeting times. A new tab was created called COMMITTEE INFORMATION and general committee information will be located there including the Committee Summary document. Click DCCOA, then COMMITTEE INFORMATION. 
  • The INFORMATION tab includes a total of 11 menus, two of which names have changed and information updated. The former Teen Services menu has been changed to Resident Services to broaden the scope of the services residents are offering. We have updated how information gets changed and also added a new email address residents should use when communicating those requests. The former Maintenance Services menu has been changed to Resident Referrals and the list greatly expanded to include screen enclosures, pavers, roofing companies, painters, plumbers, etc. All of these names were obtained from various community social media outlets.
  • The Quarterly Assessment information found under the DCCOA tab has been greatly expanded to reflect the number of ways in which residents can pay their assessment and mirrors to a large extent the coupon information residents received from Marsh Landing.

What’s Coming Next?

Because most of the Board and Committee members’ contact information is posted on our website to give you easy access in case you need to call one of us, it is on the public internet and available to anyone who seeks to hack, spam or scam. We are all volunteers and want to help the community, but prefer to limit our personal contact information. Many gated communities with HOA’s that have websites have a secured website to protect what is considered non-public information.

Sometime this summer, we plan to password protect a few of the tabs on the website. This will involve sharing one password for the entire community. No, it does not fall under the definition of secure – just helps keep emails and phone numbers and some of the community’s affairs from appearing on the public internet and out of sight from hackers. Anyone bound and determined to do harm, will not be stopped, just a bit delayed.

We will communicate, via email, and the Newsletter before that change occurs. Once password protected, residents will need to enter that password before certain information, such as the DCCOA Board and committee information and the newly changed Resident Services and Referral information can be seen. The DCCOA Documents, Social tabs and current ARB policy and guideline information will remain public.