DCCOA Password Protects its Website

The Communications Committee has been very busy finalizing the changes to the Deercreek Country Club Owners Association website in preparation of password protecting important information. As communicated in the May and July Newsletters, we identified all the tabs and links that needed to be updated, eliminated, or moved to ensure that our information is as out of sight from hackers and scammers as possible. We have also made some minor changes to update the look and feel of our website.

On Tuesday, July 17, 2018, by 12:00 pm, residents will be required to enter a specific assigned DCCOA Email and Password to access certain DCCOA related information. PLEASE NOTE: You cannot use your personal email OR your Dwelling Live password; all residents will use the same Email and Password.

To sign in to the websiteClick on the LOGIN tab to the far right of the top menu bar.

What is the DCCOA assigned LOG IN email? 

  • Please refer to the August Newsletter or send an email to info@deercreekcc.com and it will be emailed to you. 

What is the DCCOA assigned LOG IN Password?

  • Please refer to the August Newsletter or send an email to info@deercreekcc.com and the it will be emailed to you.


What happens when I click on the tabs on the menu bar without logging in? 

The pop-up LOGIN screen will appear and you will be required to enter the assigned DCCOA Email address and Password. 

What happens if I cannot remember the DCCOA assigned Email and/or Password?

Click on Forgot Password? and you will see a DCCOA Password pop-up. Enter the required information and hit Submit. SEE SCREEN SHOT BELOW.

A Communications team member will respond to your request ASAP. Because we are all using the same Email and Password, calling or texting a friend or neighbor may be a bit faster.

What changes have been made to support password protecting our information?

  • On the Home page, the tabs have been rearranged to cluster the password protected tabs and all links to HOA information have been removed.
  • Added a LOGIN tab on the far right of the menu tab where Members will enter the assigned Email and Password required to access protected information.
  • Articles posted on the Home page will now consist mostly of non-sensitive HOA related items; all Social/Club information will be retained exclusively on each Club’s specific page located under the Social Tab.

What will the password not do?

Allow you access to the Dwelling Live Application – Members will still need to enter their user specific password to manage your Dwelling Live information. Only the DCCOA assigned Password will allow you access to all the protected website tabs and links.

Why can’t we have one password for both? 

Our website is a very simple design at a relatively low cost and does not support self-directed login capabilities. Technology has changed drastically since our website was introduced and, in the future, if we are able to find a host with a more robust structure and offerings at an affordable price, we might consider a change. Much work would need to be done before we can make that determination.

What information requires a Password? 

All links under the DCCOA Tab

  • Board of Directors
  • Committee Information
  • Access Control
  • ARB, including all related documents
  • Covenant Enforcement
  • Common Property
  • Communications
  • Finance
  • Road Paving
  • Quarterly Assessment
  • Budget Info
  • News (a new tab designated for HOA related information)

All links under the DCCOA Info Tab 

  • Resident Referrals
  • Resident Services
  • Newsletters
  • Directory Updates
  • Whom Do I Call?
  • Street Map

Calendar Tab

  • Provides dates for BOD and committee meetings and, with a click, takes you directly to the associated page.

What information will remain public?

Deercreek Living Newsletter Article Deadlines

Bargain Avenue

Hospice Donations/Pickup

All links under the DCCOA Documents Tab

  • By Laws
  • Amendment to Bylaws
  • DCCOA Covenant
  • Covenant Amendments
  • DCCOA Board and Committee Policies and Procedures
  • DCCOA Rule and Regulations
  • Abuse/Harassment Policy
  • Quarterly Assessment
  • ARB Documents
  • Application Form/Fees
  • Policies
  • Pre-Approved Designs
  • Submission Requirements
  • Violation Process: Hours
  • Request for Final Inspection
  • Charter

All links under the Social Tab

  • Deercreek Country Club
  • Home and Garden Club
  • Literary Circle
  • Women’s Alliance

All links under the General Tab

  • CPAC
  • Bargain Avenue
  • Hurricane Preparedness
  • Local Government
  • Traffic Alerts

These changes should, hopefully, make it a little more challenging for ill intended hackers and scammers to utilize our personal phone and email information. We believe the inconvenience of entering a few pieces of information to protect that and other HOA related information is worth the effort.

Please contact Stannye Baringer should you have any questions related to these changes.