By Brenda Edwards & Natalie Jackson 

You’ve probably heard of the Wild Hogs, but have you heard of the DCC Wild Hogs? Well, that is a group of Deercreek residents who just completed one of their bucket list accomplishments. Danny Edwards, Ron Jackson, and Kirk Landau along with their friend, Doug Rosebourgh, completed a motorcycle trip from Jacksonville to Canada and back. Their main goal on this trip was to visit the most northeastern point in the United States, which is Madawaska, Maine. This is the second corner of the United States that they have visited on their motorcycles. The first one was Key West, which they accomplished in 2009.

Along their trip they visited Gettysburg, Amish country, The Baseball Hall of Fame, camped in the Adirondacks Mountains and Shenandoah Parkway. They also rode to Montreal and Quebec City in Canada before heading back home to Deercreek. They encouraged all Canadian geese to stay in Canada, and not to follow them back to Deercreek. The total number of miles traveled on this trip was 4,507 miles.


The next item on their bucket list is to ride to the most northwestern point of the four corners of the US which is in Washington State.  For their final bucket list stop, they plan to visit the most southwestern point in the US, which is in California.  Many motorcyclists that accomplish this feat of visiting the four corners of the US celebrate by getting a tattoo.  The wives of these DCC Wild Hogs have encouraged them to get T-shirts instead!