Danny Becton - First District 11 Councilman

What an exciting day it was on June 25th, as Deercreek resident, Danny Becton took his oath of office and was sworn in as Councilman for the newly created Southside District 11. Danny’s interest in running for city council began in 2010 when the Beach and Southside were one district. Early on Danny realized the need for better representation for the Southside community and though his first attempt was unsuccessful, he recognized this need and worked feverishly the following year to have the district split from the Beach through the redistricting process. Once this was done, Danny decided early on that he would welcome the opportunity to lead the new district in 2015. He qualified without opposition on January 16th, 2015 and was elected as our first District 11 representative!

Danny said, “This is a honor and a privilege to become the first City Council Representative for the New Southside District 11 and a Council member for the City of Jacksonville. This journey has been a long and rewarding road that began over 10 years ago upon my involvement with the Baymeadows Community and the efforts to address the many transportation and growth management issues within this area. I really care about the Jacksonville community and I want to help shape its future. I am passionate about making our streets safer, our local government more accountable while making sure that our tax burden is minimized, but not to sacrifice our basic services and quality of life in the process.” As to having been elected early on in the process of this year, Danny has been able to focus on familiarizing himself with the position of Council member and the enormous task and responsibility that it entails. If anyone knows Danny, he researches a topic and makes a decision after clearly knowing the facts, to come to a recommendation or decision.

Danny graduated from Valdosta State University with degrees in Business Management and Mgt. Information Systems. He began his career with Winn Dixie, Stores, Inc. moving to the Corporate office at Jacksonville in 1985. He later branched out on his own to start Planogramming Solutions Inc. (PSi) in 1992. Based in Baymeadows, PSi is an international outsourcing solutions company that provides merchandising and profitability guidance to grocery stores of all sizes. This coming year, the company will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. Dedicated to life in Jacksonville, Danny has given much of his time to volunteering with various community and civic organizations that effect change in the area. Some of the organizations are the Baymeadows Community Council, local School Advisory Councils (SAC), Citizens Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC), Jacksonville Transportation Vision Study’s and most recently appointed by City Council to serve on the City of Jacksonville’s TRUE Commission and JIA Redevelopment Agency Board. In addition to giving his time to the Jacksonville community, Danny has volunteered as a board member for the Deercreek Owner’s Association, serving as Board President for two terms and Treasurer for the last six years. Danny’s guidance have put into place fiscally responsible processes that help in maintaining the HOA’S current stability and future reserve positions that have put our community in the best financial position of its history.

Danny has a passion for making the City of Jacksonville and the Deercreek communities the best they can be. His enthusiasm and dedication are virtues that keep Danny constantly looking for ways to improve our city and our Deercreek community.
Danny has been resident in Deercreek for fifteen years with his wife Linda and their daughters, Ashlyn and Lauren. Deercreek is proud to have Danny as the first City Councilmember for District 11 as well as living in and giving back to his own community.