Covenant Enforcement

Dudley Mendheim,, 904-519-9517

Jack Clancy,, 904-519-9393

Board Liaison:
John Robinson

Linda George
Chuck Gillum
Chris Kanuit
Sean Kilker
Richard Williams

Third Thursday of each month at 6 PM at the Club


  • Covenant Enforcement Fining Structure Changed May 2018

    At the March, 2017 the Board approved a change to the fining structure as part of Rule #26 in the Rules and Regulations document increasing the dollar amount of the initial fine up to $250 and an additional fine of up to $750 for failure to comply with a covenant. This fining structure complicates things as it relates to appeals etc. Florida 720.305 governing HOA’s has language that a fine may not exceed $100 per violation unless otherwise provided in the governing documents. A fine may be levied by the board for each day of a continuing violation with a single notice and opportunity for hearing, except that the fine may not exceed $1000 in the aggregate unless otherwise provided in the governing documents.

    At the April 2018 Board meeting the Board approved the motion to change #26 to align with the Florida statute, the CEC Charter and rule #17 in the Rules and Regulation. Rule #26 is changed as follows:

    Citations and Fines: A fine of up to $100 per day until violation is corrected, to a maximum of $1000, may be levied by the Board against any Member (or any Member’s tenant, guest, or invitee) for failure to comply with any provision of the Declaration, the Association By-Laws, or Rules and Regulations of the DCCOA. In the event the Association finds it necessary to engage legal counsel to recover a fine, such legal cost shall be at Owner’s expense and assessed to Owner’s account.

  • Covenant Related Property Inspections in Full Swing

    Is your roof mildewed and needs to be cleaned? Does your house and trim need a fresh coat of paint? Are there any dead bushes or weeds in your bed and lawn, or brown spots that are in need a few pieces of new sod? Does your driveway or sidewalk need to be pressure washed? Is your sidewalk uneven and a safety hazard to walkers and bikers and baby strollers?

    If you can see it so can Marsh Landing Property Management Company! Now is the time to take a close look at your home and start the improvements to ensure your home is up to the DCCOA covenant and rules and regulations standards. They have started patrolling the community and are taking note of any home that needs attention – in the front and back, including homes on the golf course. Don’t wait to get that dreaded letter – take action now!

    The Guards have started patrolling the neighborhood for early and late trash and yard trash violations Remember that yard trash cannot be put to the curb before 2:00 pm Tuesday and the can must be removed and kept out of sight by 11:00 pm on Wednesday. Regular garbage cans/recycle cannot be put to the curb before 6:00 pm Thursday night and both must be put away no later than 11:00 pm Friday. Each violation is a $25 fine.

    Let’s keep our neighbors happy and the community looking beautiful by maintaining our homes!

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