Chair:  Kristen Wiley,

Board Liaison:  Paige Kelton Frakes

Newsletter Editor:  Modupe Arubuola

Signboard:  Jyothi Shroff

Directory:  Gene Curtin

Web-site:  Jyothi Shroff

E-coordinator:  Jyothi Shroff

Meeting:  Third Wednesday Quarterly at 7 PM at the club.


Appreciation Lunch for Carol D'Onofrio

After 18 years of diligent and outstanding service in various roles on the Communications Committee, Carol D'Onofrio recently stepped aside as Chair to focus her efforts on some new projects. The committee came together on Wed May 17th for a luncheon in honor of Carol, there she was presented with a plaque and flowers in appreciation of her service to the community. Several members of the Board of Directors were also present, as well as the President, Margie Blake.