Changes Are Coming...

Have you noticed markers, construction signs, survey crews at the entrance to our community? The biggest improvement will be an additional southbound left turn lane into Deercreek Club Road. Once the additional left turn lane is completed, drivers making the turn will remain in their respective lane; each turn lane will have designated driving / turning lines to follow.

The second is a dedicated pedestrian path on the southern side of Southside Blvd.; all the way from Malabar Road (which is opposite the Avenues Mall), past Fullerton Road, across the entrance to Deercreek, Target Shopping Center, Home Depot and continues up to Paradise Island. At each intersection, provisions for new crosswalks and timed crossing signal traffic lights will be the norm. The timeframe for all these changes to be completed is approximately from May through the end of summer.

Both projects will enhance traffic flow as well as aid in the safety of pedestrians walking to and from the local stores or just crossing Southside Blvd. There have been numerous pedestrian accidents in the past since there was no side-walk or cross-walk on this side of the road for the use of people who live or work in the nearby apartment complexes, private homes, offices and malls. This is surely a welcomed improvement to our landscape.