Caution! Turning into Deercreek from Southside Blvd.

A second left turn lane was added from Southside Blvd. southbound onto Deercreek Club Rd. This has been a positive development, as it has allowed those making U-turns on Southside Blvd a lane of their own, and has also allowed those visiting NEFAR or Watson Realty a lane for their use.

However, it has been noted that some drivers using the bar code entry to our community (residents and Club members), have been using the inside left turn lane as a way of speeding by other traffic on the right, only to cut over at the last minute to use the bar code lane.

To help remedy this issue, the following reminders are offered:

  • Drivers planning on using the bar code entry lane should generally try and use the outside left turn lane from Southside Blvd, as this puts you in the proper lane to use the bar code entry lane.
  • Drivers using the bar code lane who do use the inside turn lane are responsible for smoothly merging into the right-hand lane on Deercreek Club Rd, and are responsible for not exceeding the 30 MPH speed limit when doing so.
  • The 30 MPH speed limit on Deercreek Club Rd (inbound and outbound) is monitored both by our Allegiant Officers and by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, and the enforcement area includes the road between our Guard House and Southside Blvd.

If you are in the right lane of Deercreek Club Rd and fellow drivers need to merge right, please be courteous and allow them to merge.

Please do your part to ensure traffic safety inside and outside of our community.