Books-A-Go Go

BOOKS-A-GO GO is a 501c3 international nonprofit organization that collects used and new children’s books and gives them to children from low income families.   These books are distributed through schools and organizations that support these children.  Since its inception in 2007 by Deercreek resident, Betty Metz, BOOKS-A-GO GO has given out over 900,000 books to needy children in the US and abroad.

Books are necessary in the home for children to improve their literacy, to develop a love of reading and to experience the world through books.  BOOKS-A-GO GO is run by volunteers and operates out of the Duval County Teacher Supply Depot, so 100% of all donations are used directly for the purchase of books and their distribution. Thousands of books are given out each month, so any book donated is welcomed and needed. Once a month during the school year, books are given to Duval County Title I teachers from Pre-K to 5th grade and to Special Education teachers.  Books are also given to The Bag Ladies to put in the bags going to children in homeless shelters. The Salvation Army, Mandarin Food Bank, Families of Slain Children, migrant children in Saint Johns County, pediatric hospice children and missionaries going to foreign countries have received free books from BOOKS-A-GO GO.   

The DWA will have a children's book drive for BOOKS-A-GO GO from August 1 – 10. The focus is on books for Pre-K through 5th grade. For this drive, activity books, kid’s magazines, and even half used coloring books can also be donated. A BOOKS-A-GO GO bin will be placed at the guardhouse or donations can be dropped off at Natalie Jackson’s house at 10135 Deercreek Club Road. All are needed and much appreciated!