Board of Directors Top Priorities

The Board of Directors would like to provide an update on top priorities after two months of operation in 2018. It also would like to provide information on committees and how they interact with the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors filled the two vacant seats at the February 28, 2018 meeting and there are now nine (9) Board members representing your community. The Board has a mandated fiduciary responsibility which they take very seriously and doing so is one if its top priorities as we finalize the transition from Associa to Marsh Landing Management Company. As indicated at the January and February Board Meetings, several projects approved by the Board last year have been put on hold to allow time for new Board members to understand the financial implications and, most importantly, to ensure that the operating budget and reserve account will support such spending. This means a project will not be implemented until the Board is confident it can be funded by current revenue streams and reserve allocations with no increase in our quarterly dues.

With the number of projects on the table needing attention, combined with challenges surrounding changing property management companies, it was important for the Board to focus most of its attention on the most critical issues. During the February Board meeting a Top Priorities list was presented to the Board as follows:

  1. Complete the property management transfer from Associa to Marsh Landing
  2. Understand and stabilize the HOA finances
  3. Provide immediate relief for the long standing Bay Tree Lane flooding problem, and determine a long term solution
  4. Paving Project
  • Form an ad hoc committee to develop, and to oversee the project
  • Initiate the RPF process
    • Request/discuss bids for one phase and multi- phase
    • Evaluate existing documentation
    • Request/discuss proof of performance
  • Review bids from at least 3 companies
  • Ensure contract is reviewed
  • Ensure we obtain a performance and payment bond

This list will most certainly change as the community’s needs and issues arise throughout the year. Also, please note that most other projects (e.g. landscaping, etc.) will continue. The above are the current top priorities and will be replaced with others as these tasks are completed.

Typically, projects are born at the committee level for proper vetting and costing before they are brought to the Board’s attention. The Board may also deem a project to be worthy of a closer look and direct a committee to provide research, analysis and present its findings to the Board. Thus, the Board works very closely with a number of residents who untiringly volunteer their valuable time to serve on our community’s various committees.

There are currently six (6) standing committees and two ad hoc committees that serve you and the Board:

  • Finance
  • Access Control
  • Architectural Review Board
  • Covenant Enforcement
  • Common Property
  • Communication
  • Road Paving (Ad hoc)
  • Revitalization (Ad hoc)

Each standing committee is comprised of members in good standing, and who preferably have a background, skill or diverse talent that lends itself to contributing to the tasks assigned by the Board. All committee members are approved by the Board. Members may vote on specific items and those items are typically submitted to the Board for its consideration and approval.

Each committee has a Chairperson who supervises the activity of the committee members, provides assistance whenever necessary, ensures the activities of the committee are coordinated with the priorities of the Board, and distributes the approved minutes . The Chairperson submits the monthly minutes of each committee meeting to the Property Manager and provides a report at every monthly Board meeting. Each Chairperson is approved by the Board. The committee Chairpersons have voting authority.

Each committee has a member of the Board, assigned by the President, to be the Liaison between the Board and the committee. The Liaison is there to serve as the communication link and provide the Chairperson/committee with the priorities established by the Board. The Board Liaison is tasked with making the actual motions at the Board meetings on behalf of the committee. With the exception of the Covenant Enforcement Committee (due to specific Florida Statute prohibitions), all Board Liaisons have voting authority.

For more information regarding the HOA committees and members, and/or to read the February Board of Directors Highlights, please go the DCCOA website.

 The Board of Directors will offer a Committee Forum in the near future. This will be an opportunity for each resident to visit with committee members to learn more and hopefully become involved.