Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Thursday, November 17, 2016


The DCCOA Board of Directors assembled at Deercreek Country Club on Thursday November 17, 2016 at 7:00PM for a regularly scheduled meeting. A quorum was established with the presence of President Margie Blake, Vice President Bob Kichler, Secretary Peter Gentry, and Directors; Sadia Sindhu, Kristen Wiley, Paige Frakes, Jim Giancola and Nick Simonic.

Not Present: Treasurer John Joyce – Present for Mr. Joyce representing the Finance Committee; Bryan Howell.

Representing CMC of Jacksonville were Property Manager Marilyn Clayton and Assistant Property Manager Laura Tharp.

CALL TO ORDER: President Margie Blake confirmed quorum of the Board was present and called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

Bob Kichler requested additions to the agenda for Access Control cost increase and budget increase.

Bob Kichler informed management that John Joyce should not have approved the agenda to be mailed without the Presidents review and approval.

Nick Simonic motioned to approve the agenda as follows, seconded by Paige Frakes, all in favor, motion carried.

APPROVAL OF ORGANIZATION MINUTES: Margie requested revision of the October 27, 2016 Board of Directors minutes; Requested to change the following. Remove the first paragraph “not appointed” add “rescinded”. Remove “Jim Giancola will continue to chair”. Add “Jim Giancola’s motion to add Nancy Blacker to the CPC, seconded by Bob Kichler, all in favor, motion carried.” Make grammar changes through-out the minutes. Under Finance add “John Joyce’s motion to reimburse Tom Walter $149 and Bob Kichler $750.” Access control: change “third-party” to “Allied Universal Protection.” Rewrite CEC paragraph.

Bob Kichler motioned to approve the October 27, 2016 minutes with revisions, seconded by Paige Frakes, all in favor, motion carried.

Discussion that minutes should not be added to the newsletter unless they have been approved by the Board of Directors. Recommendations: add a link in the newsletter where homeowners can pull up the approved minutes. Mrs. Frakes will look into this.

Mr. and Mrs. Fritz presented their case regarding purchasing the waste property connected to their home. Discussion: the area is currently being maintained by them including trimming of the trees and cutting of the grass therefore, they would like to purchase the property and allow lake access as needed. Jim Giancola requested further information including a packet of the planned changes be sent to the ARB. The Frit’s to email this information to Management company, ARB and to Board of Directors.

PROPERTY MANAGER’S REPORT: Paige Frakes mentioned the typographical errors in the Managers Report. Bob Kichler requested not to go into details as to what Management did if it's not something that is to be discussed with the board. Bob Kichler brought up that he received two collection letters/statements when he forgot to make his assessment payment during his out of the state vacation. Bob Kichler requested that the association not be charged twice for the production of these collection letters.

Bob Kichler brought up that the recommendations of Management for Violation Coordinator or on site Manager requires proposal from Management in order for the board to make a decision. Management will send out proposals during the month of December to the Board Members.

Bob Kichler brought to the attention that Associa on Call had parked in the reserve area and did damage. Requested: Associa on Call discontinue parking on reserve grass/weeds.

Finance John Joyce (Liaison) Bryan Howell presented the finance report and answered questions.


1. The landscape overage was explained and all additional funds are in the reserve accounts. 2. Interior Update Fund on the security guard house still has $20,000 reserved for those repairs. Board requested Management to send the last copy of the rules and regulations received by John Joyce to them.

3. The board will need to meet to go over each rule before adopting. 4. The cost of replacing well pump is over $25,000. Further information is needed due to questioning of whether the well belongs to the clubhouse or is to be maintained by the DCCOA. 5. The septic tank for the Guardhouse needs to be resolved due to issues found when there was a backup. Not sure if this was caused because of Hurricane Matthew, at this time. 6. Kristen Wiley discussed that the budget committee should have focused on enhancements and that their conceptions of the items were not included in the budget. She felt that an increase in monthly dues is needed in order to enhance the Community 7. Jim Giancola discussed that notification of procedures needs to be sent out with the annual package. 8. Bob Kichler discussed the increase of the security service costs in order to hire more capable employees.

Legal Jim Giancola (Liaison) Mr. Giancola stated there was no legal report at this time.

ARB Nick Simonic (Liaison) Nick Simonic presented the ARB report.

Covenant Enforcement Sadia Sindhu (Liaison) Sadia Sindhu reported that 4 homeowners attended the CEC meeting for appeals. Still pending: The final template of the letter being used for each stage and the letter that communicates to the resident when they have been fine are still needed by CEC.

Request: The final letter templates are to be sent to the BOD as well to the CEC committee to make their recommendations.

Management discussed that the letters had been sent to the CEC and that changes where received and adopted. CEC has not received these templates.

Discussion: 1. Whether or not there can be an increase in the fines to $250 from $100. 2. Bob Kichler mentioned that John Joyce cannot make decisions on his own that everything needs to be brought up to the entire board. Therefore, at this time the fines continue to be $100 per day for each day the homeowner is non- compliance.

Common Property Jim Giancola (Liaison) Jim Giancola presented his CPC report. Jim Giancola motion to add Julie Howell to the committee, seconded by Bob Kichler, all in favor, motion carried.

Jim Giancola discussed that the new members are really excited to add to the community and he feels it will be very productive.

Jim Giancola motion to approve All about Trees to cut the pine trees for $950, seconded by Bob Kichler, all in favor, motion carried

Jim Giancola motioned to approve landscaping enhancement of $2000 which will be presented to Danny Connors for a proposal, second by Nick Simonic, all in favor, motion carried.


1. The Garden Club will be engaged to help with annual flower proposals. 2. The boar sightings are still being reported throughout the community.

Communications Paige K. Frakes (Liaison) Paige Frakes reported: updates on the website would like to see all ARB criteria on the website. Management will send all criteria to Mrs. Frakes to have them placed on the website. There have been 29 new residents move into Deercreek Country Club, the new directory is due out in December. Mrs. Frakes will be trained to handle mass mailing in addition to Carol D’Onofrio. Mrs.Frakes will inform the Communications committee that only the minutes that have been voted on and have been approved by the BOD’s will be placed on the link. Discussion: to have Constant Contract e-blast the minutes instead of the newsletter.

CPAC Kristen Wiley (Liaison) No update on CPAC.

Discussion: Mr. and Mrs. Fritz’s request. Jim Giancola motioned that 10055 Heather Lake Court W., upon approval of the ARB, the association will contact the attorney to discuss the possibility of selling the waste property lot with all costs related to be paid by the homeowner, seconded by Nick Simonic, all in favor, motion carried.

President Margie Blake requested a motion to approve the pending accounts payable invoices presented. Vice President Bob Kichler motioned to approve the accounts payable as presented, seconded by Nick Simonic, all in favor, motion carried.

Access Control Bob Kichler (Liaison) Mr. Kichler presented the cost of upgrading the guard quality. There is a proposal to increase the guard salary by one dollar an hour. In the last six months 19 guards have been sent from UPS for training and the guards were not up to the challenge at Deercreek. The increase will be $14,562.77 for 2017 for an Access Control expense line item. Bob Kichler will verify that the guards to receive their increase.

Bob Kichler motioned to increase the assessment by $10 per month. Discussion regarding the need for the Finance Committee to understand that the community enhancement is necessary to increase the value of the community, second by Kristen Wiley. Vote 4 yes and 4 no, motion did not pass.

Bob Kichler discussed that he had completed with his committee a draft hurricane procedure manual which will be presented to the board in the next regular Board of Directors meeting.

Jim Giancola motioned to schedule a meeting with the Finance Committee to grind the finances, seconded by Kristen Wiley, all in favor, motion carried.

Pete Gentry motioned to approve the budget with the increase for the guard contract, seconded by Paige Frakes, all in favor, motion carried.

Jim Giancola motioned to transfer the 2016 surplus to the reserve for Community Enhancement, seconded by Pete Gentry, all in favor, motion carried.

Bob Kichler motioned to approve the violation fines with the exception of the tree trimming and dead grass until February 28, 2017, Jim Giancola seconded it, all in favor, motion carried.

Bob Kichler motioned to deactivate the barcoding for three homeowners on the list presented by Management, seconded by Paige Frakes, all in favor, motion carried

President Margie Blake asked for a motion to adjourn. Nick Simonic motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Sadia Sindhu at 9:26 PM, all in favor, motion carried.

New Business: NEXT BOARD MEETING The next board meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for January 26, 2017 at 7:00P.M. at Deercreek Country Club.