Board of Directors’ Meeting Highlights - October 27, 2016

The DCCOA Board of Directors assembled at Deercreek Country Club on Thursday October 27, 2016 at 7:00PM for a regularly scheduled meeting. A quorum was established with the presence Margie Blake, Bob Kichler, John Joyce, Peter Gentry, Sadia Sindhu, Kristen Wiley, Paige Frakes, Jim Giancola and Nick Simonic.

Representing CMC of Jacksonville were Property Manager, Marilyn Clayton and Assistant Property Manager, Laura Tharp. Ms.Laura Tharp took the minutes.

Property manager’s report

Marilyn Clayton provided a report summary. A motion to deactivate the barcodes of the list presented in the managers’ report was moved, seconded and approved.

Finance Committee - John Joyce, Liaison

Mr. Joyce presented his report stating the association is in good financial standing and the budget is in progress.

Accounts Payable pending for board approval – A motion was moved to approve expenditures, seconded and approved.

Bob Kichler - $700 + fee for bonus cards

Tommy Walter - $149 reimbursement for new guard chair.

Access Control Committee (ACC) - Bob Kichler, Liaison

Mr. Kichler presented stating that he is working with Allied Universal which has purchased Universal Protection Service in the hopes of providing better guards. There was discussion concerning paying the guards more; a decision to review and make a recommendation at the next meeting was made.

Architectural Review Board (ARB) - Nick Simonic, Liaison

Mr. Simonic presented his report stating that management has not been providing a complete package to ARB. There was discussion about some owners removing trees and going through the ARB process after the trees have been removed. Property Manager is to follow up on the pre-approved criteria with the residents that are not following the proper protocol with ARB.

Covenant Enforcement Committee (CEC) - Sadia Sindhu, Liaison

Mrs. Sindhu presented her report stating 5 homeowners attended the last CEC meeting. She recommended a community wide electronic survey to get resident's opinions on some topics of interest such as 'the garage rule'. After discussions, a vote was taken on whether a survey should be sent out. The vote was 7-2 in favor of tabling the survey at this time to avoid discord among the residents.

Common Property - Jim Giancola, Liaison

A motion to approve “All About Trees” proposal to trim the honor trees was moved, seconded and approved. Having accepted the resignation (last month) of long time Common Property Committee Chair, Joe Cernigliaro, Jim Giancola will be the interim Chair. A motion to approve Nancy Blacker to the Common Property Committee was moved, seconded and approved.

The next board meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for November 17, 2016, 7:00P.M. at Deercreek Country Club.