Board of Directors’ Meeting Highlights - November, 2017

The DCCOA Board of Directors assembled at NEFAR on Thursday November 16, 2017 at 7:00pm for a regularly scheduled meeting.

A quorum was established with the presence of Margie Blake, Bob Kichler, Sadia Sindhu, Pete Gentry, Kristen Wiley, John Joyce and Paige Frakes.

Representing Marsh Landing Management Company (MLMC) were Doug Scott & Deidra Phillips.

There were approximately twenty-three residents in attendance.

Resident requested change in start time for lawn/garden contractors (they are not able to operate motorized equipment before 8am). Kichler will talk to Access Control.

Resident asked when Edgewater would become a part of Deercreek. Joyce responded that counsel says it is feasible to merge through two corporations.

New resident asked about Deercreek agreement with Comcast. Comcast pays DCCOA annual fee for exclusivity.

Resident commented that proposal to allow deliveries 7 days a week until 11:00pm would increase noise in the community,

Resident asked about the price of the guardhouse and was told a team of volunteers developed the estimate and the design. This is just an estimate. Project has not been bid out yet. This initial plan is exploratory.

Resident asked if anything can be done about the Sign spinners at the Southside / Deercreek road intersection. It is legal for spinners to be at intersection.

Resident concerned about cost of guard house, wants a solution that solves the problem of truck run-ins. If it means a large assessment, so be it.

Resident concerned about street lights. Doug Scott advised that JEA owns and maintains the lights.

Discussion about posting the detailed description of how the reserve funds are allocated. Joyce will provide this information and it will be posted online. Discussion on possible paver project near guardhouse. Advised this could cost up to $95k and falls under roads. No plan in place to proceed.

Property Manager's Report: Doug Scott
Associa CMCs financial information has not been provided yet.

Violations report from Associa is incomplete. MLMC will work to determine the status.

All outlets around guardhouse are now working.

Road paving project: The plan is to get contractors, bids and proposals by early spring 2018.

MLMC payables go out weekly, not monthly.

Received detailed maps to identify where drains are, and where they go. Drainage assessment of what area will go first to establish which drains will be cleaned and create a regular maintenance schedule.

Identify areas with trees that are leaning, since Hurricane Irma.

Bar Code Reader is original to community, roughly $7,000 for new reader and installation. Received 2 bids. Motion to approve the funds was approved unanimously.

Motion to approve proposal from electrical engineer to spend $12,500 to replace lights at the median from Southside Blvd to Gatehouse was passed unanimously. This would be a reserve item. No estimate of total project cost yet.

Finance Report:
2018 Final budget approved, Sindhu opposed.

All committees are on their own budgets, to better track expenses.

$10 per month increase in quarterly assessment. Reflects increasing costs for maintenance.

Motion passed to give $100 gift cards to Connors workers who helped clear Hurricane Irma debris.

Discussion about $4000 budgeted for 2018 for JSO patrol.

Motion to fund guardhouse renovation not to exceed 145k passed, Sindhu opposed.

Motion to define commercial vehicles in Rules & Regs approved unanimously

Motion to retain Allegiance security approved unanimously.

Motion to approve holiday guard bonus approved unanimously.

Motion to allow household deliveries 7 days a week until 11pm failed.

Motion to allow all household deliveries (Commercial vehicles, Amazon) 7 days a week from 7am until 9pm, passed. Wiley, Kichler, Gentry, Joyce approved. Blake, Frakes, Sindhu opposed. Simonic abstained.

Article reminding homeowners to turn in documents before starting projects.

Covenant Enforcement:
Sadia Sindhu provided report.

Paige Frakes provided report.

Pete Gentry provided report.

Meeting adjourned.