Board Of Directors’ Meeting Highlights - June, 2017

The DCCOA Board of Directors assembled at NEFAR on Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 7:00pm for a regularly scheduled meeting.

A quorum was established with the presence of Bob Kichler, Jim Giancola, Kristen Wiley, Nick Simonic, Pete Gentry, Sadia Sindu, and John Joyce.

Representing CMC of Jacksonville was property manager, Laura Tharp.

There were two guests in attendance. One guest had questions about what steps are being taken to address continual mistakes by Associa relative to covenant enforcement.

Property Managers report:
Two barcodes needs to be suspended. Motion approved.
Motion to approve open payables.

Committee Reports

Covenant Enforcement: Sadia Sindhu
Sindhu discussed multiple complaints regarding violation letters that were mailed in June. Over 100 letters were mailed incorrectly which caused significant work for the CEC during the most recent meeting. The CEC continues to be concerned with quality issues relative to Associa's handling of the Deercreek account. CEC is waiving fines due to consistently incorrect or incomplete documentation. Several board members echoed the quality concerns.

Finance: John Joyce
May report contained errors, recurring problem. Associa must correct errors or be found to be in default of its contract. Shortfall in some citation areas but otherwise on track. Some postings still need to occur to correct accounting issues. Aged receivables are down year over year. Reserves on track – currently $1.330 million. One aging AR item has been handled via a payment plan that will start in July. Resident will be current by February 2018 and will have barcodes reactivated upon completion of payment plan.

Legal: Jim Giancola
MRTA documents are completed and ready to be submitted with the remaining activities being notarization and recording. Legal is continuing to work through estoppel letters and the process for sellers in the community. A resident has requested remediation via counsel relative to garage covenant and selective enforcement. Waiver of covenant and selective enforcement items are handled by Deercreek legal counsel. Attorneys are consulting to determine next steps as there have not been any citations issued under the covenant. Any pending legal items will be discussed as part of the regularly scheduled board meetings.

Access Control Committee: Bob Kichler
Minutes are somewhat behind due to key member availability. Guard house sub-committee meeting will need to occur in June/July timeframe to review design updates. Speeding violations in the community are up 20% from 2015. Motion passed to have JSO patrol neighborhood for no more than 8 hours per month for two months to remind homeowners that JSO has enforcement rights within the neighborhood. Communication to occur prior to implementation.

Architectural Review Board: Nick Simonic
Two homeowners submitted incomplete requests. Request for deposit denied on aluminum fence as the fence differs from the proposal. ARB has submitted article to communications committee for publication to the community as a reminder relative to ARB processes and procedures.

Common Property: Jim Giancola
Work continues on front entrance. Deer statues have been installed and replacement lettering is scheduled to be complete by the end of June.
Motion for $850 to pressure wash sidewalk on Ashford Crossing approved.
Motion for $2000 plantings - center island approved.
Motion for $5000 for plantings in front entry approved.
Motion for $1500 for tree trimming behind fountains approved.
Digital sign replacement will be in place within 3 weeks.
4 shallow wells for irrigation will be drilled the week of June 30.
Innovative fountain services met with Associa and Common Property to see if there is an alternative pond management solution. Concern that the age of the ponds may require additional maintenance above what is currently budgeted.

Communications: Kristen Wiley
No scheduled meeting in June.

CPAC: Pete Gentry
No report at this time. Pending distribution of meeting minutes.

Old business: 
Revitalization - two new members have been selected by ACC to review DwellingLive ePass capabilities.

Next BOD meeting is scheduled for July 27th, 2017, 7:00pm at NEFAR.