Board of Directors’ Meeting Highlights - January 2018

The DCCOA Board of Directors assembled at Deercreek Country Club on Thursday, January 24 at 7:00 p.m. for a regularly scheduled meeting. In attendance were Sadia Sindhu, Nick Simonic, Pete Gentry, Kristen Wiley, Christine Bell, Don Gibbens, Frank Tuenge, and Paige Frakes. Doug Scott and Deidra Phillips represented Marsh Landing Properties along with approximately 13 residents.

Two nominations were made: John Gordon Spotswood and Skip Yauger. A secret ballot ended with a tie. The two candidates indicated they would send Board members a bio. Nominations will be held again in February.

Paige Frakes Communications
Nick Simonic Architectural Review Board
Don Gibbens Access Control
Pete Gentry Covenant Enforcement and CPAC
Frank Tuenge Finance
Christine Bell Legal and on a temp basis Common Property with assistance from Doug Scott


  • There is a lull in new covenant violation notices because of the transition from Associa CMC to Marsh Landing Property
  • The Board approved the committee’s recommendation for a consultant to conduct an audit of Deercreek’s financials
  • Committee discussed the document received for an Opinion of Probable Cost on replacing lights leading up to guard gate and after entering the gate in the amount of ~$51K and ~$92K
    Skip Yauger spoke with electrical experts for further breakdown of cost.
    • Option 1 is to replace light
    • Option 2 is to replace polls and lights in place.
    • Option 3 is to put landscape lighting along the tree line
    • The company was asked to come back with detailed statement about cost for all options
  • Asphalt project is the largest project currently facing Deercreek. Finance asked the consultant assisting the HOA on the project for a change in the phasing of the project. Rather than asphalt smaller sections/branches of the community, the request was to possibly asphalt the main loop first which gets the most amount of traffic and visibility in the community. There was also discussion whether a consultant was necessary or if the contractor can oversee the project.
    • A motion made by Kristen Wiley to approve the Finance committee’s recommendation to hire a consultant to start phase one of asphalt project failed
    • Sadia made the decision to have Common Property discuss the project and come up with a recommendation
    • Gordon Spotswood volunteered his time to assist on the project
    • The Board will consider utilization of a consultant in addition to a contractor once immediate maintenance issues are resolved (e.g. Bay Tree Lane street flooding)
  • Thirteen (13) homeowners are more than two months late in quarterly assessments
  • Marsh Landing mailed letters to seventy one (71) residents with past due accounts
  • John Joyce and Bill Vecchiola resigned from the Finance Committee
  • A motion made by Frank Tuenge to allow representatives from Marsh Landing to access DCCC bank accounts still controlled by Associa CMC was approved. The access is intended to produce bank statements for the past 4 months and once procured whatever funds are in said accounts will be transferred to DCCC accounts held in Marsh Landing’s name and the prior accounts closed.


  • Recommended that new delivery times be 7:00 am to 7:00 pm from January 1 - November 16 and 7:00 am to 8:00 pm from November 17 - December 31.
  • Christine Bell advised that residents should put Amazon drivers including Flex drivers on their list if they are expecting a package.
  • Access Control notified Amazon last year that Deercreek will not allow their Flex drivers. Christine Bell expressed concern this could and has blocked/delayed resident packages. She requested ACC research the issue further to ensure it wasn’t blocking resident packages.
  • A lengthy discussion occurred regarding enforcement of the existing gate policy which is that the guard must call the resident if a guest or contractor requests access to a home and is not on the resident’s list. Tommy Walter confirmed that the existing policy would be followed and he will relay same to the guards.
  • A motion made by Nick Simonic to approve deliveries restricted to 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, January 1 - November 16; 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, November 17 - December 31 was passed. The new delivery time will be effective March 15, 2018 instead of March 1 to give residents 30 days written notice. 


  • Working on a new and separate process for tree removal
  • Board approved Charlie Khan as a new committee member


  • Four (4) appeals were dealing with speeding; 3 fines were upheld and 1 was waived
  • Cedric Cruse resigned from the committee
  • Board approved Chuck Gillum and Linda George as new committee members
  • Recommend changing name from CEC to Fine Appeal Committee to better reflect the committee’s work. Due to references of CEC on the back of citations -recommendation to change CEC to Fine Appeal Committee, no action.


  • Annual directory mailed to all residents
  • Website was updated
  • EZ Marketing annual invoice was received and paid for all of 2018
  • Constant Contact monthly subscription was paid for 2018 to receive discount
  • New vendor for sign maintenance will be procured when needed


  • Board approved Eric Sharp as new committee member
  • Bob Kichler and Margie Blake resigned from the committee
  • A motion made by Christine Bell to put the Guard House renovation on hold until at least the next Board meeting to ensure the Board has time to address immediate concerns (Bay Tree Lane consistent flooding and the completed records and financial transfer from Associa CMC to Marsh Landing) was unanimously approved.
  • Christine Bell also recommended revisiting the design of the Guard House and seek resident input before moving forward.


  • Park will be pressure washed
  • Getting estimates for sidewalk repairs
  • Bar code reader to be installed shortly


  • Bay Tree Lane Flooding
    • A motion made by Frank Tuenge to authorize Marsh Landing to engage UPT to clear the clogged pipe and to obtain 3 bids to place concrete rip-rap or stone at the pipe inlet was unanimously approved.
    • Frank Tuenge also made additional recommendations for long term solutions and contractor recommendations for pipe maintenance at Deercreek. Gordon Spotswood volunteered to assist as needed.


  • Christine Bell requested that the Communications Committee research videotaping monthly Board meetings and to investigate using Survey Monkey to poll residents.
  • Christine Bell requested that alcohol consumption by Board members cease during Board meetings, highlighting the great responsibility to manage resident affairs and budgets.
  • Kristen Wiley indicated she was planning to resign from the Board and all committees of which she is a member after the meeting; she officially resigned the next day.

The next Board of Directors meeting will be held on Thursday, February 22, 2018 @ 7:00 pm at the Deercreek Country Club Clubhouse.