Board of Directors’ Meeting Highlights - February 2018

The DCCOA Board of Directors assembled at Deercreek Country Club on Thursday, February 22nd at 7:00 p.m. for a regularly scheduled meeting. In attendance were Sadia Sindhu, Nick Simonic, Pete Gentry, Don Gibbens, Frank Tuenge and Christine Bell. Paige Frakes was not in attendance. Doug Scott and Deidra Philips represented Marsh Landing. There were approximately 19 residents in attendance.

One nomination to fill the one-year remaining term was made: Gordon Spottswood. A vote was taken and Gordon was appointed to the Board.
Two nominations to fill the two-year remaining term were made: Skip Yauger and Stannye Baringer. A secret ballot was taken and Stannye Baringer was appointed to the Board.

Gordon Spottswood : Common Property
Christine Bell: Deercreek Revitalization

Carol D’Onofrio: Finance
Stannye Baringer: Communications until a permanent Chair is appointed

Gary Smith: Common Property

Carol D’Onofrio/Frank Tuenge

  • Several meeting dates were changed to Wednesday night to allow time for Marsh Landing to provide monthly financials to the committee. This will give the committee time to review and make recommendations to the Board. (PLEASE SEE DCCOA WEBSITE FOR MEETING DATES)
  • Recommended moving forward with paving with the formation of an ad hoc committee.
  • The Associa to Marsh Landing transition is mostly complete and all bank accounts have been straightened out. There are invoices from Waychoff’s that have not been paid since April, 2017 because those invoices went to the wrong management company.
  • Carol recommended that Common Property should copy Finance on all expenditure requests to ensure budget can accommodate.
  • A comment was made that Jim Hutchens will be auditing the transition from Associa to Marsh Landing and the 2017 financial audit. The findings will be reported to the Board for review.
  • Advised that each committee needs to be particularly careful about expenditures that are not in the budget. There is not sufficient money in reserves to fund all the projects the prior board approved in Q4 2017/January 2018.

Tommy Walter/Don Gibbens

  • The new bar code reader has been readjusted and should be working properly. Residents have been instructed to enter the area slowly and one at a time.
  • New camera was installed.
  • A resident broke the gate arm but is not insured – Marsh Landing is dealing with the incident.
  • Support for JSO in the community – some residents refuse to stop for the Universal guards or are disrespectful. Don recommends the ACC answer questions about the effectiveness of JSO given we have to pay JSO for their time while also paying security guards for performing the same role. All the ticket money that JSO writes goes to the city of Jacksonville – not to the HOA. Tommy will ask the JSO Officer Shore to move around the neighborhood for speed traps and to also begin checking for residents running stop signs.
  • Currently, security guards cannot issue speeding or running stop sign tickets to guests  – discussed whether we have the ability to fine residents if their guests are caught speeding or ban them from entering the neighborhood for repeated infractions.
  • The Gate spot checks drivers’ licenses but there is no policy in effect. ACC is asking for a legal opinion on how to handle guests without a license.
  • A motion made by Don Gibbens and seconded by Nick Simonic to appoint Bob Kichler to the ACC failed 4/3: Frank, Don, Christine, Sadia NO; Gordon, Pete and Nick FOR.
  • Clarification on weekend deliveries after Board approved motion in January was made – no large box deliveries will be allowed after hours or on Sunday but small box deliveries from Amazon, UPS, etc. are allowed. Tommy will advise guards.

Nick Simonic/Minutes from ARB Meeting

  • Nick expressed dissatisfaction that individuals were nominated to the Board without written Bio’s being distributed. Brief comments regarding the ARB committee before he completed his update.
  • 6 new projects were submitted for review
  • 3 projects completed and pending final inspections
  • 3 For the Record/Pre-Approvals
  • 1 project put on hold pending more information
  • Subsequent to ARB update, Clell Simmons addressed Nick. Clell was told by ARB to come to the Board because Nick was going to present Cleve’s pool plans to the Board. Skip advised that he was out of town and missed the ARB meeting and would look at plans and contact the resident within a few days.

Pete Gentry

  • There were no appeals
  • It was noted that Marsh Landing began reviewing the community for violations; appeals may increase in March.

Nancy Blacker

  • Felt bids were too high for lighting – committee will re-evaluate at a later date.
  • Bids to tear out dead plantings and replant is about $5600 which is over and above our landscaping contract. The motion made to approve this expenditure was passed.

Christine Bell

  • Comcast and Security agreements were reviewed.
    • Comcast agreement does prohibit the HOA from entering into a bulk services agreement with another service provider for broadband services. However, this does not restrict a resident from engaging an alternate provider. Christine recommended an accounting to ensure the HOA is correctly paid per the terms of the agreement.
    • The security agreement contains an unacceptable damage cap for a $900,000 contract value. Specifically, the agreement contains a $5,000 cap on damages. In addition, Christine identified a built in 3% annual increase for the vendor. She recommended that the fees be held flat with vendors for the term of the agreements to control expenses. This contract has a 30 day termination for convenience clause. Christine will follow up with the ACC on corrective action.  
  • All contracts should be reviewed by Finance and Legal before execution by any board member.
  • ACC asked Legal to investigate whether the gate can refuse a guest and/or whether the gate can ask for a driver’s license.
  • Christine is continuing to review HOA contracts provided and will note any concerns.
  • Christine will investigate whether the HOA is able to fine resident if their guest is caught speeding/running stop signs in the neighborhood and whether guests can be barred from coming in the neighborhood for certain/repeated infractions.
  • Christine shared the HOA’s counsel indicated that the HOA’s Declaration prevents the HOA from collecting fees from parties that purchase foreclosed properties. Christine will discuss with the HOA’s counsel.

Paige via email

  • A motion was made that all standing and ad hoc committees shall take detailed minutes at each meeting and contain all subject matter discussed/voted on be approved by committee members within 5 business days of the meeting. Minutes shall be distributed to the BOD and Communications  within 7 business days of the meeting for posting on the DCCC website and/or emails to the residents. This motion was tabled until next meeting when Paige and Stannye are in attendance.  
  • A motion to archive all Board of Director’s Policies and Procedures and Rules and Regulations documents posted on the website was made. This motion was tabled until next meeting when Paige and Stannye are in attendance.  
  • Carol recommended that the Rules and Regulations be updated to correct a stray paragraph and to clarify the weekend delivery changes.

Doug Scott

  • Park Repairs: Nancy Blacker will provide Common Committee with proposals for requested items.
  • Sidewalk Repair: Evaluating areas that are in need of repair/replacement based on input from Common Property.
  • Entrance Lighting: Put on hold pending further analysis of reserve account and financial audit.
  • Drainage Issues:  Working with engineer and vendors on resolving the issues and creating an acceptable drainage plan.  
  • Tree Trimming: Common Property has identified trees needing trimming – a project plan to trim trees over the roads is being developed.
  • Geico Claim for Damages – a check in the amount of $10,000 was received.
  • A large number of violation letters were sent to residents; mostly roof mold related. 


  • Bay Tree Lane – UPT cleaned out the pipe but there is still a blockage – possibly a pine tree or bad joint. The motion to spend $3900 for a camera to scope the pipe to determine blockage was passed unanimously.  
  • Lighting project: In November, the BOD passed a motion to hire a consultant and pay up to $12,000 for a design to light the Southside to Guard Gate. Based on feedback from various Board and residents the consultant provided two very high bids (See January BOD Highlights). The project has been put on hold. Common Property will take it for action for a later date.


  • The motion by Christine and seconded by Don to create a Road Paving ad-hoc committee to research and handle the project passed unanimously. A discussion occurred about whether or not a consultant is required to oversee the project. There is one group that thinks it is absolutely critical that an outside professional engineering consultant be paid to oversee the project and another group that believes just as strongly that performance can be verified with the performing vendor. The committee will be responsible for researching this issue and presenting one solution to the BOD. The committee will be comprised of Frank Tuenge, Gordon Spottswood, Danny Becton, Skip Yauger. It was also recommended that one person from each impacted committee serve as well – ACC, Common Property, Finance and Communications.
  • Christine presented a DCC’s Quarterly Top Priorities document. The BOD discussed documenting the BOD’s top quarterly priorities and posting this information on the website so all committees and residents understand on which topics the board is focused.
    • Complete transfer from Associa to Marsh Landing
    • Understand/stabilize DCC finances
    • Provide immediate relief for Bay Tree Lane flooding
    • Paving project: Form ad hoc committee, initiate RFP by requesting bids for one phase and multi-phase and request/discuss proof of performance, review bids from at least 3 companies, ensure contract review and ensure a performance bond and payment bond is obtained if subcontractors are involved.
  • Christine suggested that a Committee Forum be held at the Clubhouse to further educate residents on the role of each committee, explain the time commitment involved (in many cases it is nominal) in an effort to encourage more residents to participate. The BOD welcomes and is seeking additional input from a wider audience of community members to be involved in HOA committee activities.


  • Road Paving: Concerns were raised by some residents about handling the paving project without a paid engineer. George Partin indicated the road paving project requires someone up front to plan. Said the project should have been done last year and is not sure Doug and his can handle it. Jim Giancola expressed concern about the delay on the road project and was concerned all the work the prior board did is not going to be utilized. Christine Bell asked Jim to share this knowledge. Skip indicated he wrote the RFP and interviewed and ranked the companies. Skip will provide the information.
  • Amazon: Bob Kichler believes that Amazon and Flex drivers should not be allowed in without the Amazon credentials.
  • Ponds/Lakes: Sam Rothenbuler attended meeting in the fall regarding lakes and indicated no one has been at the lakes for six months. Common Property will call the lake service company.
  • A resident indicted she has spent quite a lot of money improving her residence but her neighbor’s house is not in good condition. Doug indicated he has already started action on contacting the homeowner.
  • JSO: Angie Patel asked about the status of JSO.