Board of Directors’ Meeting Highlights - Aug 25, 2016

The DCCOA Board of Directors assembled at Deercreek Country Club on Thursday Aug 25, 2016 at 7:00PM for a regularly scheduled meeting. A quorum was established with the presence of Margie Blake, Robert Kichler, John Joyce, Peter Gentry, Jim Giancola, Sadia Sindhu, Kristen Wiley, Nick Simonic and Paige Kelton Frakes. Representing CMC of Jacksonville was Property Manager Marilyn Clayton and Kishwa Milliner.

Guests in Attendance: Homeowners Bob Hunt and Skip Yauger.


A motion to levy fines for properties with violations was made, seconded and approved.


Finance - John Joyce (Treasurer):

The July income expense is tracking favorably to budget at $610,000 to $602,000. The only variance in negative income is in Citations and Covenant collections which is $1,100 behind budget. The currently adopted procedures and policies in place will help to correct this by year end. Year-to-date, we are at $604,000 against $603,000. Also there is $50,000 in surplus funds from previous year operations and $1,130,000 in reserves. Budget packages for 2017 will go out next week and the Capital Reserve numbers will be completed by the end of September.

ARB Nick Simonic - (Liason):

Nick provided the ARB update on approved and denied modifications. Nick mentioned the homeowners’ disapproval with the delay in receiving back the ARB deposit refunds. Nick made a motion that the ARB be empowered to authorize refunds of ARB deposits. Paige seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Covenant Enforcement - Sadia Sindhu (Liaison):

Sadia reported that there were no appeals at the CEC meeting. Marilyn stated that prior to the next CEC meeting, they will receive a drafted correspondence for review to be sent to homeowners detailing the violation process. Lastly, Sadia brought to the Board’s attention that there are currently unauthorized persons accessing the property near Chester Lake due to the fact that there is no fencing or enclosure. Marilyn will investigate this issue with JEA and get back to Sadia with a solution.

Common Property - Jim Giancola (Liaison):

Jim reminded Associa on the bids for an arborist to maintain properly trimming the row of honor trees on golf course property located on Deercreek Club Road. Jim stated that for the fountains, the committee requests $12,000 from the board which includes $8,500 to Innovative Fountains and the balance as contingency funds to pay an electrician for any repairs discovered. A motion to approve the committee’s recommendation was made, seconded and approved.

Communications - Paige Kelton Frakes:

Request for Board Candidates for 2017 will appear in the October newsletter as well as a request for any information changes to the residents’ directory.

Old Business:

1. Road Project –Paving: Jim clarified that he will have his company assist by drafting a RFP. He stated that we have two bids from engineers but we will still need a third bid as well.

2. Guardhouse Design: Skip Yauger provided answers to questions about the four guardhouse design options available. Skip suggested the formation of a committee to make a decision on the guardhouse design, then present that decision to the board. Skip also suggests that a guardhouse budget be attained prior so that a selected design can be accommodated. An ad hoc committee (Bob, Jim, Kristen and Margie) was formed along with Skip Yauger and Tommy Walters for the purpose of specifying ideas and costs for a redesigned guard house before bringing those recommendations to the Board in October.

3. Fountain Repairs – Innovative Fountains will be hired to repair the fountains.

The next board meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for September 22, 2016 at 7:00P.M. at Deercreek Country Club.