Board of Directors' Meeting Highlights - April 27, 2017

The DCCOA Board of Directors assembled at NEFAR on Thursday, April 27th, 2017 at 7:00pm for a regularly scheduled meeting.

A quorum was established with the presence of Margie Blake, Jim Giancola, Kristen Wiley, Paige Frakes, Sadia Sindu, and John Joyce.

Representing CMC of Jacksonville was property manager, Laura Tharp who took the minutes.

There were a number of guests in attendance. One of them had questions about which company is digging up green space. Likely for fiber optic lines.

A guest asked BOD for another month until garage rule is enforced.

Joyce indicated it will take another 2 - 3 months for the enforcement process to develop.

Property Managers report:

No barcodes needing to be suspended.

Motion to approve open payables.

Discussion of updates to violation fines, whether owners are responsible for cleaning the curbs as well as driveway. Currently it’s not a finable offense, Laura Tharp will research.

Updated fines approved unanimously.

Committee Reports

 Finance: John Joyce
April report contained errors, recurring problem. Associa must correct errors or be found to be in default of its contract. To protect privacy, the names of residents who face fines or action, will not be disclosed in minutes.

Rules and regulations go into effect on May 1st. Revised garage rules are not enforceable until the procedure is created.

Legal: Jim Giancola
Giancola discussed legal questions presented by Sindhu about garage issue. Discussion followed on how to answer enforcement questions related to the garage rule. A sub-committee will be created to establish enforcement guidelines. Suggestion was made that Communications Committee include in new resident packets, one page of rules regarding, trash, yard debris, garage rule. Discussed possible future cap on the number of rental properties in Deercreek.

Access Control Committee: Hurricane plan approved with amendment involving the boarding up of the gate; will change to securing the Guard House.

Architectural Review Board: Wiley discussed guard house plan to increase functionality, could possibly cost $130,000, Pavers $95,000. Joyce indicated this would be a 2018 issue, possible assessment. Giancola indicated no decision should be made until the Board knows the cost of road repaving. Skip Yauger indicated completed design plans could cost $15,000 or less. Wiley motioned to move forward with design and construction plans, the cost is to come out of Access Control budget, not to exceed $10,000 (Bob Kichler on the phone supports). Board approved unanimously.

Covenant Enforcement: Sindhu discussed discrepancies in Associa letters involving driveways. The subject and body of letters not matching. CEC indicated it wanted to know what training new Associa employee had in identifying property violations. Concern over notices being sent involving cracks in driveways. When did this start? Yauger indicated all concrete cracks at some point. PM will review rules for clarification.

Common Property: Giancola moved a motion to approve $1,500 to trim palm trees around fountain, etc. Approved.

Motion for up to $2,000 to remove tree approved.

Motion for up to $1,500 to pour concrete pads to mount new deer statue approved.

Motion to approve $10,000 for new well pump approved.

Digital sign board update, two estimates received. Yauger also held discussions with another company. Motion for budget not to exceed $15,000 approved

Communications: Gate needs more new resident packets.

CPAC: No report

Old business: AT&T clubhouse easement agreement.

Next BOD meeting is scheduled for May 25th, 2017, 7:00pm at NEFAR