Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The board meets at 7:00 PM on the fourth Thursday of each month at Deercreek Country Club. Deercreek residents are welcome at all board meetings.

Residents have the opportunity to speak for three minutes at the start of each Board meeting. If not at the start of the meeting residents will have to wait until the committee reports, new and old business are completed.

 Margie Blake

Bob Kichler
Vice President
Access Control Liaison

 John Joyce
Legal Liaison

Sadia Sindhu
Covenant Enforcement Liaison

 Paige Kelton Frakes
Communication Liaison

Pete Gentry 
CPAC Representative for Deercreek

Vacant Position
Common Property Liaison

Nick Simonic
ARB Liaison
519-9846, c.314-7336


Kristen Wiley
Communications Committee Chair

Marsh Landing Management Company 
Douglas L. Scott, CAM
Property Manager
4200 Marsh Landing Blvd. #200
Jacksonville Beach,FL 32250

Board Meeting Highlights

  • 2018 Budget – Quarterly Assessment Increase

    NOTICE TO MEMBERS - 2018 Budget Planning and Assessment Information

    2018 Budget – Quarterly Assessment Increase

    Special Assessment – Guard House Reconstruction

    On Thursday, November 16th at 7 PM, the DCCOA Board of Directors will hold its November 2017 Meeting at the Deercreek Clubhouse. On the Board’s Meeting Agenda for review and passage that evening will be the Association’s 2018 Operating Budget. The current Operating Assessment of $330.00 per quarter was approved by the Board in 2015 and the Board has worked diligently to manage the Association’s costs and expenses over the past 3 years. However, service contract costs continue to increase, and with the Deercreek Community now celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Board is also having to address increasing costs in the management of Common Area tree trimming and removal, sidewalk repair and maintenance, and several of the community’s lakes are presently in need of storm water management improvement features in an effort to minimize the flooding of streets during heavy rain events. Accordingly, in addition to approving the 2018 Operating Budget, the Board will also be considering and voting upon a Finance Committee motion recommending an increase in the Operating Assessment from $330.00 per quarter to $360.00 per quarter effective January 1, 2018.

    The Board has also been reviewing prospective Guard House improvement programs throughout 2017. The Architectural Committee and the Access Control Committee have spent countless hours studying various building construction strategies and design scenarios with the intended desire of enhancing the appearance and presentation of one of our more important community features that is now 30-years old and in much need of repair. After completing several concept drawings and a preliminary budget analysis for each plan, the Board has tentatively selected a Guard House design that remains in keeping with the standards of the Deercreek Community and one which will provide several decades of efficient use. The preliminary budget for reconstruction of the Guard House is $145,000 and will require a Special Assessment to fund. Accordingly, the Board will be considering and voting upon a motion recommending a one-time Special Assessment of $175.00 per Deercreek Member with the balance of the funding needed to complete reconstruction of the Guard House to be paid from the Capital Reserve Account from monies ($20,000) that were originally approved for renovation of the Guard House in 2017 but will now be applied toward reconstruction of the facility. If this Special Assessment is approved by the Board, the Special Assessment will be due and payable on February 1, 2018 and delinquent on May 1, 2018 in the event the Special Assessment remains unpaid as of that date.

    As a Member of the Deercreek Community, your attendance at the Board’s November 16, 2017 Meeting is encouraged and welcomed.

  • Board of Directors’ Meeting Highlights - August 2017

    The DCCOA Board of Directors assembled at NEFAR on Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 7:00pm for a regularly scheduled meeting.

    A quorum was established with the presence of Margie Blake, Bob Kichler, Kristen Wiley, Nick Simonic, Pete Gentry, Sadia Sindhu, and John Joyce.

    Representing CMC of Jacksonville was property manager, Laura Tharp.

    There were three guests in attendance.

    Property Manager's report:

    Motion approved regarding barcode suspension.

    Motion to approve open payables.

    Committee Reports

    Covenant Enforcement: Sadia Sindhu
    CEC is continuing to waive fines due to consistent incorrect or incomplete documentation. Several board members echoed the quality concerns.

    Finance: John Joyce
    Financials are on track as per budget.

    Legal: Jim Giancola
    No report.

    Access Control Committee: Bob Kichler
    First month of JSO patrolling community to ensure safety and security. Speeding incidents have been recorded as well. Currently, there is no policy or procedure regarding overnight parking of commercial vehicles. ACC will develop policy and enforcement guidelines.

    Architectural Review Board: Nick Simonic
    Numerous submissions regarding fence installation. Committee is reviewing potential pre-approval process for driveway installations and modifications like the roof pre-approval process. The ARB is also seeking one new committee member.

    Common Property: Bob Kichler on behalf of Jim Giancola
    Nancy Blacker was nominated and approved as committee Chair due to Jim Giancola’s resignation from committee. Numerous complaints have been received regarding pond maintenance. Committee is exploring new provider option.

    Ashworth Crossing – seeking bids for landscaping work.

    Front deer/ entry lighting – motion approved for lighting

    Community mailboxes – motion approved to replace plantings as needed

    Playground – seeking information from Garden Club for 2018 project planning.

    Communications: Kristen Wiley
    Sign board continues to fail and waiting on new provider to install sign. Annual directory mailing planning underway. Homeowner communication regarding directory updates will be disseminated in September. Year-end communication plan regarding annual board elections to commence in October.

    CPAC: Pete Gentry
    Meetings are very informative and open to the public. Meetings occur on 4th Monday of each month at NEFAR. JSO reports that car burglaries continue to increase. Vast majority of vehicles are unlocked and JSO encourages community to lock vehicles when not in use.

    New business: 
    Jackson Law Conflict Waiver - motion denied. Asked for modification with DCCOA having right of first refusal in the event of conflict between Edgewater and DCCOA

    Marsh Landing Management Company - motion approved to switch management companies effective October 1.

    Insurance policy - renewal motion approved.

    Next BOD meeting is scheduled for September 28th, 2017, 7:00pm at Deercreek Clubhouse

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