Are you a Designer looking for an Opportunity?

By Martha L. Jaramillo - Architectural Review Board

The members of the Architectural Review Board (ARB) are volunteers and ideally residents of the community. ARB members have a unique, important role in our community. With each project that is submitted for review, the ARB has to seek the right balance between compliance with the DCCOA Covenants and Declarations and the desires of each resident. Not an easy task as you can imagine, but very rewarding nonetheless. Are you interested?

Guided by a clear vision and mission for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of each home and its landscaping, the ARB works collaboratively as a team. In fact, 98% of all projects are approved or denied unanimously. The good news is, most projects (more than 90%) are approved at the first submittal. This is significant, because it means the residents of Deercreek Country Club are on board - they understand the importance of complying with the Covenants and Declarations, and are committed to do what is necessary to see that their property values continue to grow. This means projects are submitted with complete information, have well-thought out design concepts including adequate landscaping and architectural improvements that are in harmony with the existing homes.

Currently, the ARB is looking for more volunteers. Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects, Certified Arborists, Interior Designers, Graphic Designers, Realtors, Planners, Artists, and anyone with training or experience in a design field or property development would be an asset to the ARB. If you have an interest, and would like to know more about how the ARB works, the responsibilities of members, or any other question, please email Skip Yauger, Chairman of the ARB at We look forward to hearing from you!

Submittal requirements and ARB Review Applications may be found on the community website at

If you have questions regarding ARB or need help with an application, please call Martha at (904) 273-9832 ext. 131