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April Book Club

On Monday, April 15, the Deercreek Book Club will meet at 10:00 at the home of Phyllis Basford to discuss Susan Meissner’s book A Fall of Marigolds.


The book is about two women who never meet as they are separated by a century. One woman, Taryn, is a 9/11 widow and single mother who is about to mark the tenth anniversary of her husband’s passing. The other is a nurse, Clara, who witnessed the tragic death of the man she loved in the Triangle Shirtwaist Five in Manhattan in 1911. In her sorrow, Clara imposes on herself an exile of sorts; she takes a post at the hospital on Ellis Island so that she can hover in an in-between place while she wrestles with her grief. She meets an immigrant who wears the scarf of the wife he lost crossing the Atlantic; a scarf patterned in marigolds.

The scarf becomes emblematic of the beauty, and risk inherent in loving people, and it eventually finds its way to Taryn one hundred years later on the morning a plane crashes into the North Tower of the Trade Center. The story is about the resiliency of love, and the notion that the weight of the world is made more bearable because of it, even though it exposes us to the risk of loss.

The Deercreek Book club meets every 3rd Monday at 10:00 in the homes of participants. Before discussion, coffee, beverages and a light snack is served. For more information, contact Chris Middlebrook, or 407-461-0756.