Annual Meeting Highlights - February 2016

With 260 proxies garnered, the Annual Meeting for the Deercreek Owner’s Association was held on Thursday, February 4, 2016 at the Deercreek Country Club. The Annual meeting previously planned for January 7 had to be rescheduled since a quorum was not obtained. Margie Blake opened the meeting and welcomed the guests. The annual meeting minutes from January 8, 2015 were approved. The current Board Members and Committee Chairs were introduced and they provided reports as follows:

Finance Committee - John Joyce provided a recap of fiscal year 2015.

Income: Income for 2015 was $752,718 based on Budget of $727,984. Positive income variances were achieved in the following accounts: Cable Income $12,248; Citation/Covenant Fines $5,900; Collection Fee $3,993; Bad Debt Recovery $2,518 and ARC Review Fees $1,500. Negative income Budget variance was reported for: Bar Code Income ($1,657).

Expenses: Expenses for 2015 were $725,151 versus Budget of $727,984. Positive expense variances were recognized in the following accounts: ARB Expense $3,031; Electric $3,505; Irrigation Repairs $2,729; Maintenance Labor $1,793; Playground $1,500; and, Guardhouse Office Supplies & Passes $1,868. Negative expense Budget variances were reported for: Guardhouse Outside Info Technology ($2,685); Outside Repairs & Maintenance ($2,651); Legal Collections ($2,530); and Professional Services ($1,305).

Aged Receivables: Aged Receivables for the third month of 4QTR 2015 were $10,876, down from $13,115 as reported for the previous month, and down from $33,047 as reported for the same period last year.
Current Surplus/ (Deficit) for the year: $28,2152

Cash Management Accounts:
Operations (Cash In Transit): $ 71,718.00 (MAY Management Account transfer to Associa)
Ameris – ARB $ 14,050.00 (Deposits)
Ameris – Deposits $ 0.00%
Ameris – Operating $
Total Operating Cash $ 71,718.00

Capital Reserves:
(CD) EverBank $252,044.51 1.50%
(CD) SunTrust $251,969.51 1.35%
(CD) BBVA Compass $252,027.90 1.39%

Total CD Capital Reserve $756,041.92

Money Market Fund
Axiom Bank $210,496.83 (.60%)

Total Cash Management Accounts $1,038,256.75

End of 4QTR 2015 Cash Position……
Cash in Operating Accounts
Operating Cash #1115 $71,718.00
Operating Cash #1110
Open Accounts Payable ($23,455.43)
Prepaid Assessments ($14,669.16)

Cash Position Surplus / (Deficit) $33,593.41

Covenant Enforcement – Tommy Walter advised that new cameras and voice recorders that monitor conversations or interactions with the guards have been installed. Truck clearance signs and lightning protection methods were also added. In addition, a new project that will include refurbishing the interior guardhouse is planned for this year.

Architectural Review Board- Skip Yauger reported that 157 projects were approved out of which 98 or 62% were for pre-approvals. Residents are encouraged to visit the Deercreek web site as it contains everything you might want to know about the ARB, its forms, pre-approvals, policies and positions. For 2016, our new Property Manager, Associa CMC has streamlined the online process; this is new for the community. It is anticipated that this will result in a faster approval response time and reduce the process cost to the HOA.

Common Property Jim Giancola advised that the lakes were a primary focus this year, as well as paver installations around the mailboxes. For 2016, the playground and tree trimming will be addressed.
Covenant Enforcement - Pete Gentry explained to those in attendance that this was the appeals court for all violation and citations. This board acts independently and will not be overruled by the Board.

Communications Committee – Carol D’Onofrio introduced the committee and explained its various facets. The Communication budget for 2015 was $6600, which is less than 1% of the association dollars. So, we get a lot of bang for our buck.

Residents Directory - is produced annually and was mailed out in January. Sandy McAllister updated our directory and e-mail database this past year. Sandy did a thorough job of scrubbing our database. She has since moved on to other areas of interest and we are grateful for her service on the committee this past year.

Electronic Signboard - Jyothi Shroff is our Sign lady and works remotely to periodically change information posted on the sign as required by the HOA / community.

Monthly printed newsletter – Editor, Modupe Arubuola: With our input, this is formatted, printed and delivered to each resident’s home by the Florida Times Union. A version is also put on the website.

Website changes and updates: are processed by both our web mistress as well as Jyothi Shroff.

E-mails blasts - the Communications Committee monitors both outgoing and incoming mails.

Ambassador program - consists of five ladies - Paige Yauger, Brenda Shirkey, Monica Heseman, Vandana Srinivas, Elizabeth Curtin and Faye Hyken. As new residents move into the community, they are visited by one of the Ambassadors who provides them with a welcome bag containing information about the organizations in the community, cookbook, memo pads, pens, brochures, maps, newsletters etc. A welcome letter and point of contact for future reference is also included.

Election Results: Bernard Vargas Vila of CMC/Associa delivered the results.

Our new Board Members are, Paige Kelton Frakes and Sadia Sindhu.
Margie Blake was re-elected as President. Thanks to all the candidates (Cedric Cruse, Henry Rinne, Stephen Siegrist, and Kristen Wiley) for volunteering for board positions and their willingness to serve.

On behalf of the Board and residents, we want to thank Danny Becton, Bill Beitz, Jim Lowell and Carol D’Onofrio for serving as Board members over the years. Your services were invaluable.