Access Control: Pedestrian & Bike Safety

By Tommy Walter
The safety of the DCC residents and guests is the number one priority of the Access Control Committee. Yet we continue to see vehicles ignoring stop signs (yes, golf carts are motorized vehicles which are supposed to stop at stop signs, too), speeding, people walking in the streets with their backs to traffic wearing dark clothing, and bicyclists riding side-by-side impeding vehicle traffic.

As the weather gets warmer more and more people will be walking jogging, cycling, etc. For your own safety and the safety of others, please do the following:
• Walk and run only on sidewalks where possible. The sidewalks have been repaired, but if you see an area that is unsafe, please report it to the guard gate.
• If you MUST walk or run in the street, please do it facing traffic and wear brightly colored clothes regardless of the time of day or night.
• If you are bicycling, please ride with the traffic and single file. DCC roads are not wide enough for side-by-side riding.
• Golf carts can be a major safety hazard in that, the drivers rarely stop at stop signs and can impede traffic. If you own and/or drive a golf cart, please be courteous and safe. Obey the rules other vehicles obey.

We all want a safe 2015. Doing these simple things will help that be a reality.