Access Control Committee News for July

Having correct license plate numbers and vehicle descriptions is a very important part of the access process to Deercreek.If you have changed vehicles please be sure your vehicle description matches your license plate and vice versa. In the unlikely event something happened to your vehicle, the guards would not have complete or accurate information available to assist.

It's July, which means 4th of July parties and fireworks. There are numerous laws and regulations regarding fireworks, and for the Access Control Committee the major issue is safety.If you purchase and shoot fireworks, please be very careful.

Some parties have many guests who park on both sides of the street from the host. Be aware that the streets of Deercreek must have enough width span to permit the passing of an emergency vehicle. If that rule is not followed, guests will be asked to move their vehicles.

For July parties, as is the usual request, please be sure to enter your guest’s names in the gate access software to ensure quicker entrance into the community.