Access Control Committee

Reports have been received about burglaries in gated communities in NE Florida by well organized thieves. The burglars find a way to get into the community by either tagging after a resident's car in the resident lane (almost impossible in Deercreek), saying they are playing golf, by stealing a barcode, etc. They drive upscale cars which are rented. Once inside the community they case the area looking for homes with easy, but obstructed view access to the rear of the home. They enter quickly and go straight to the master bedroom looking for valuables. Once they get what they want, they can be gone in five to seven minutes. The valuables they take will either be shopped on local streets or sent overseas if valuable enough.

How do we protect against these thieves? The guards at the gate have been briefed about the situation and will continue to be very vigilant as to who enters Deercreek, and we are fortunate in this case to only have one entrance. The guards routinely turn away people trying to enter without proper identification as seen with several supposedly Amazon drivers who tried to enter during the holidays.

All residents can help by staying very vigilant and keeping an eye out for suspicious movements; such as a car driving very slowly through the community, or a car with a person or people in it who seem to be waiting to pick up someone.