Access Control

 Tommy Walter,  519-0660

Board Liaison: Donald Gibbens

 Bunny George, Jeannie Harlan, Steve Malick, Neil McCormack, Doug Klippel, Louie Samaan, Jay Vaid

 Second Wednesday of each month at 6 PM at the Club 

Guard Gate email address:

 You can use this e mail address to send authorization for a party guest list.

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Authorization Needed for: 

Authorization NOT needed for:

  • At&T
  • Dish Network
  • Direc tv
  • Food Delivery: Ie Pizza, Sushi..
  • Goodwill
  • Community Hospice
  • Vietnam Vets
  • Salvation Army
  • American Veterans
  • Thrift Shop Donations
  • Guests
  • Family
  • Workers
  • Amazon
  • Comcast
  • Process Servers
  • Flower Deliveries
  • Swan's Food Delivery
  • Gas Company Delivery/Repair
  • Laundry Delivery
  • Mail Delivery
  • Fed Ex
  • UPS 
  • DHL
  • Courier Services
  • School Buses
  • Garbage Trucks
  • JEA
  • Newspaper Deliveries
  • Amazon (Marked Vehicle)

Access Control News

  • New Delivery Times

    During the Board of Directors meeting Thursday, January 24, 2018 the Board approved new delivery times for the community. Beginning March 15, 2018, delivery times will be as follows:

    January - November 16
    7:00 am to 7:00 pm
    Monday through Saturday

    November 17 - December 31
    7:00 am to 8:00 pm
    Monday through Saturday

    The current Access Control policy is that the Security Officer must call the resident if a guest or contractor that is not on the resident’s list requests access to a home. If you are expecting a package to be delivered by Amazon, it is recommended that you add Amazon to your guest list.

    Small box deliveries are allowed after hours and on Sunday. Large box deliveries are only allowed during the above published hours and days.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    In March the weather gets warmer and folks tend to do more walking and jogging outside. Please be vigilant in watching for those on the roads as they do not always walk facing the traffic and many of them often wear dark clothing at night.

    Safety is the Access Control Committee's main focus, and we need everyone's help with that.

    March is also Spring Break time. Please be watchful for those who might be vandalizing the golf course or be up to other mischief.

  • Access Control Committee

    Reports have been received about burglaries in gated communities in NE Florida by well organized thieves. The burglars find a way to get into the community by either tagging after a resident's car in the resident lane (almost impossible in Deercreek), saying they are playing golf, by stealing a barcode, etc. They drive upscale cars which are rented. Once inside the community they case the area looking for homes with easy, but obstructed view access to the rear of the home. They enter quickly and go straight to the master bedroom looking for valuables. Once they get what they want, they can be gone in five to seven minutes. The valuables they take will either be shopped on local streets or sent overseas if valuable enough.

    How do we protect against these thieves? The guards at the gate have been briefed about the situation and will continue to be very vigilant as to who enters Deercreek, and we are fortunate in this case to only have one entrance. The guards routinely turn away people trying to enter without proper identification as seen with several supposedly Amazon drivers who tried to enter during the holidays.

    All residents can help by staying very vigilant and keeping an eye out for suspicious movements; such as a car driving very slowly through the community, or a car with a person or people in it who seem to be waiting to pick up someone.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    The Holiday Season being over is not a reason to let down one's guard about unlocked vehicles and residences. If anything, your diligence during the Holiday Season in using locks and not leaving valuables in vehicles should be a year-round practice.

    There are many contractors in Deercreek doing various repairs and additions to yards. While the guards work diligently to maintain a safe path on the roads (for emergency vehicles), sometimes the service vehicles severely restrict the lanes of traffic. That safety hazard can also be compounded by residents who choose to walk or run in the street instead of using the sidewalks. When any or all of this happens, please drive slowly and courteously. We want to have a friendly neighborhood but more than that, we want everyone to be safe.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    The Holiday Season is generally a joyous one for most people, but there are those who find it painful in one way or another. To make it as joyful as possible, please be careful and keep all vehicle and residence doors locked. In your vehicles, leave nothing of value in plain sight. If you notice anyone suspicious in Deercreek, please notify the guards immediately. If you observe an activity that is dangerous or illegal, please contact JSO first, and then the guards.

    Ladies, and gentlemen, be careful as well when in parking lots outside of Deercreek; be sure you are not being followed or observed, especially if you are carrying a lot of packages. Women should be very cautious with their purses and how they are carried. Be sure to not put your purse in a location where someone could grab it while you are pre-occupied with other things.

    As always, please enter guest names in DwellingLive ahead of any parties or gatherings.

    May your Holiday season be a joyous one.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    Thanksgiving and other holidays are quickly approaching. As usual, pre-registering your guests will expedite their entrance into Deercreek for parties, dinners, etc. This time of year also sees an increase in car burglaries here and in parking lots, especially if there are visible presents / gift items inside the cars. So, be wise. Keep all vehicles locked always and valuables in those vehicles must stay concealed from view at all times. Keep residence doors closed and locked always. Notify the guardhouse or JSO of any observed suspicious behavior.

    Why JSO Patrols Deercreek
    By Jeanne Harlan

    Deercreek security patrols our neighborhood and has the authority to issue citations for various violations. The sole purpose of this is safety considerations, not to generate revenue. Unfortunately, our security personnel are limited in their ability to enforce safety measures with non-residents. To enhance our focus on safety for the community, the utilization of JSO is deemed to be a necessity.

    Benefits from using city police to patrol our community:
    1. Vendors and visitors can only be warned and cannot be ticketed for speeding or failure to stop at stop signs, by our internal neighborhood security. This has proven not to be an effective deterrent.
    2. We are a restricted access community, but there are ways for unwanted people to enter our community. With police patrolling at different times, word gets out and intruders are less likely to attempt.
    3. Members of our community should not be concerned about JSO ticketing, provided they abide by the posted speed limit.
    4. Our community walkers and bike riders have repeatedly not heeded warnings to walk on sidewalk which is the law. Therefore, an occasional reminder from city police may prevent accidents waiting to happen.

  • Caution! Turning into Deercreek from Southside Blvd.

    A second left turn lane was added from Southside Blvd. southbound onto Deercreek Club Rd. This has been a positive development, as it has allowed those making U-turns on Southside Blvd a lane of their own, and has also allowed those visiting NEFAR or Watson Realty a lane for their use.

    However, it has been noted that some drivers using the bar code entry to our community (residents and Club members), have been using the inside left turn lane as a way of speeding by other traffic on the right, only to cut over at the last minute to use the bar code lane.

    To help remedy this issue, the following reminders are offered:

    • Drivers planning on using the bar code entry lane should generally try and use the outside left turn lane from Southside Blvd, as this puts you in the proper lane to use the bar code entry lane.
    • Drivers using the bar code lane who do use the inside turn lane are responsible for smoothly merging into the right-hand lane on Deercreek Club Rd, and are responsible for not exceeding the 30 MPH speed limit when doing so.
    • The 30 MPH speed limit on Deercreek Club Rd (inbound and outbound) is monitored both by our Allegiant Officers and by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, and the enforcement area includes the road between our Guard House and Southside Blvd.

    If you are in the right lane of Deercreek Club Rd and fellow drivers need to merge right, please be courteous and allow them to merge.

    Please do your part to ensure traffic safety inside and outside of our community.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    There are at least three points to make about safety in Deercreek this month.

    First - school has been in session for over a month, but we still see unsafe practices such as, vehicles not stopping at stop signs, not watching for school children at bus stops, speeding, and unsafe parking at bus stops by parents while waiting for school busses.

    Second - as the weather cools down, more and more people choose to run and walk on the roads rather than the sidewalks. If running or walking, please face vehicle traffic and move single file. If bicycling, please ride with the vehicle traffic as far to the right as possible, and single file.

    Third - we celebrate Halloween in October. That means many, many kids are on the streets after dark and a great number of golf carts as well since some kids now prefer to ride those when they go trick or treating. Parents, remember that no one should drive a motorized vehicle, including a golf cart, in Deercreek unless he or she has a valid driver's license.  

  • From the Access Control Committee

    School is now in full session with lots of busses and children moving around in Deercreek. Please look out for both buses and children, as well as walkers, bikers and runners.

    Unfortunately, they may not always be looking out for you.

    If you must park at a bus stop, please be courteous and avoid blocking traffic, access to fire hydrants and the ability to see stop signs.

    With Labor Day approaching, there will be parties and football season. Please be sure to enter your guests' names in DwellingLive before your parties. It will make gate access much quicker.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    School will soon start again, that means children and school buses will be on the roads of Deercreek. Please be watchful for them, and if you bring a child or children to a bus stop, please be courteous and safe in how or where you park; try not to impede others or their ability to see stop signs, etc.

    Also, keep all valuables out of vehicles parked outside of garages and keep all outside vehicles locked at all times. The same locking rules apply to residences as well. All doors should be shut and locked.

    Finally, when turning off Southside Blvd into Deercreek Road, please be careful and watch out for workers' trucks in the lanes. There is a good deal of work going on with landscaping, the fountains, etc.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    Safety is always the number one concern of the Access Control Committee, for Deercreek residents and guests. As we approach the summer, please remember the following messages, all of which focus on safety:

    • Motorized vehicles, including golf carts, are to be driven only by licensed drivers. Having an adult in the front seat is not acceptable if the unlicensed driver is actually driving.
    • July 4 is a time for celebrations and fireworks. Fireworks are extremely dangerous and are allowed in Deercreek only to the extent allowed by the Duval County Sheriff's Office for the rest of the county. Violators will be reported.
    • If walking or running on the roads of Deercreek, please remember it is against Florida State law to run with the traffic on a street or road where there are sidewalks present. If you must run or walk on the roads, please do so facing the traffic.
  • From the Access Control Committee

    School will soon be out and that will probably result in increased vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Also in the past, vandalism increases during the summer, and the golf course seems to be a tempting target. Please be vigilant and report any unusual activity to either the guards or JSO.

    As always, keep all vehicles locked, and ensure valuables are out of sight in the vehicles. All doors to homes should also be locked and garage doors lowered.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    May is the time for graduation celebrations and other festivities. Please, enter your guests' names in the gate security system before any celebration to expedite their getting to your party.

    As the weather gets warmer, watch out for joggers, walkers and bicyclists. Thanks to all of those who walk or run facing the traffic, those who ride their bicycles with the traffic and move in a single file if riding with someone.

    Remember, there is never a down time for staying watchful around the community and the areas near where you live. If you see anything that looks suspicious, please call the guards gatehouse and or JSO immediately. We are a restricted access community, not a secure community.

  • Outstanding Service to the Community

    Tommy Walter Access Control Chairman, giving Faris Monsour, retiring ACC member after 15 years a plaque for Outstanding Service to the Community.  With Bob Kichler Board Liaison Access Control. 

  • DwellingLive App

    Use the DwellingLive App

    -Deercreek homeowners can manage guest registration using the DwellingLive App.  Adding guests with the App is faster and more accurate, reducing the number of guard calls while your visitor waits at the gate.  The works in tandem with your DwellingLive website account. Your sign-in information is the same for both the website and the App. 

    Click HERE to Review the Mobile App Quickstart Guide.   

  • From the Access Control Committee

    Here is yet another reminder about the security of property in Deercreek. There was a recent article about never leaving guns in unlocked vehicles; this applies to any valuables as well, especially cash, computers or other electronic devices. Thieves do not break into vehicles that are unlocked. They simply open the doors. The same advice goes for homes and all external doors. They should be locked, especially when no one is at home. Please be aware of happenings in your area and let the guards know if you see suspicious activity. If you see or have experienced a crime, call JSO and then alert the guards.

    Be reminded, cars are not allowed to be left parked on the roads of Deercreek between 2:00 am and 6:00 am. This is to make adequate room for emergency vehicles and to have minimal restriction on our roads for other traffic at night.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    Please make sure new license plate and vehicle information are updated at the Guard house as soon as possible after a change. This information is needed in case there is an incident involving your vehicle inside the community.

    Also, for new residents, please be sure to read the community CC&Rs carefully. You receive a copy as you move in, but we find that they are not read, and misunderstandings are created.

    Last, the weather is great for outdoor exercise. Walkers and runners, please walk facing the traffic and bikers, please ride with the traffic. Be mindful of the traffic and if another person, please be single file.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    The primary role of the of the Access Control Committee is to ensure the community has restricted access for anyone not approved to enter and to make sure that personal safety is a priority to all who live and visit here.

    Another point about access to Deercreek. The guards do not make the rules for access, but they are expected to enforce them. The Board and Access Control Committee make those rules, and all of us live in the community as well. Unfortunately, a resident or guest will occasionally want an exception made to the rules and then get very upset when their request is denied. We try not to make exceptions unless there is an emergency because, we have been counseled by our attorneys over the years to be very consistent in our application of the rules.

    In addition, there is never an excuse for verbally abusing the guards; this will not be tolerated. They are simply doing their job. A phone call to Lt. Kirby, Captain JP, the Property Manager, Tommy Walter, the chair of the Access Control Committee or Bob Kichler, the Board liaison, is a much better way to resolve issues.

  • Some great 2017 New Year's resolutions

    From the Access Control Committee

    By Tommy Walter

    • If you must walk or run on the roads of Deercreek always do so facing the traffic. And if running with a partner, run single file.
    • If you are riding a bike, ride with the traffic. If you are riding with a partner, ride single file.
    • Remember the speed limit in Deercreek is 30 miles per hour, and Deercreek starts at the entrance off Southside Blvd., not at the guardhouse.
    • Remember to add guests names to the gate entry system before parties and gatherings and/or provide the gate with a list of names for the occasion.
    • Keep all vehicles and residences locked. Do not leave things of value in plain view in vehicles.
    • Only licensed drivers can drive motorized vehicles of any type in Deercreek.
  • Commercial Access

    After Hours, Sunday, or Holiday Work: Contractors have access to Deercreek from 7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday and 8am to 5pm on Saturdays. On Sunday only emergency vehicles, vendor calls, flower and pizza deliveries are allowed.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    All the things we talk about during the year such as locking homes and vehicles, watching for suspicious behavior or strangers, being watchful for children, making sure party guests are in the access system, avoid drinking and driving...are multiplied in importance during the next few weeks. The Holiday Season is so special, please do all you can to make it special for others in and outside the community.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    Always be watchful of the strange behavior of some people in Deercreek or vehicles that appear to just be sitting with someone inside. While Deercreek is a restricted access community through the gates, our perimeter is porous to say the least. We need to watch out for each other just as in any other community. If something appears to be strange, contact the guard gate or JSO immediately.

    The holidays are upon us along with multiple parties, family gatherings and football parties. It's a great time of the year, so help the Access Control Committee make your gatherings successful by alerting the Gatehouse before your festivities. Even more effective is to place all the names of your guests in the gatehouse Dwelling Live system. Their entry process will be smoother and your guests will get to your residence must faster that way.

  • Post Featured Image

    Halloween will be here SOON!

    October is a month of football parties and Halloween. For the parties, please be sure to post your guests names in the gate entry system or provide a list to the guard house before the party. For Halloween, please watch out for small children and golf carts. Many trick or treaters now travel by golf carts on Halloween. Parents are reminded that in Deercreek only people with valid driver licenses can drive motorized vehicles on the community streets; and citations will be issued for noncompliance.

     Be vigilant about keeping all vehicle windows up and doors locked at all times. The same for residence doors, windows, and especially garage doors. Do not let your home or vehicle become an inviting target. Deercreek is a restricted access community, not a secured community. The perimeter of the community is not secure, and we also have no way of knowing the background of all the visitors who enter the community. So please stay watchful.

  • School is now in session.

    School is now in session. Please be watchful for children and young people, school buses and parents waiting for and dropping off their children. If you are one of those parents and you are parking, please be sure to not obstruct traffic, block driveways or obstruct the viewing of traffic signs.

    Almost every day a resident or two will pass by the resident barcode reader, and it does not respond by opening the gate. They then have to wait while the resident gate is manually opened. By far the most common reasons the gate does not open is because the resident is going too fast past the reader or is too far from the reader. On rare occasions, the position of the sun will affect the reader as will a dirty or dusty barcode. Generally, dusty barcodes occur during the high pollen seasons. So the best counsel is to move near the reader and go slowly. The gate will almost always open.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    Please be sure to enter guest names for July 4 parties in the gate system or call the gate with the names. That will get your guests to the parties much faster.    

    Just a reminder to always lock cars, garage doors and residence doors. Cars are especially attractive if they are unlocked and valuables such as purses, wallets or computers and other electronic gear are clearly visible. Leaving a car unlocked is asking for it to be robbed. It will not be broken into; all the thief has to do is open the door.

    Our security guards are not trained police officers. If a resident observes or is involved in a threatening situation or sees a crime being committed, the best thing to do is call JSO immediately, then alert the security guards at the gate.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    By Tommy Walter

    Congratulations and thanks to Lt. Fran Kirby for 15 years of dedicated service to the Deercreek community. We greatly appreciate her.

    We have had problems with trucks hitting the overhang at the entrance gate, but the most recent damages were very significant. The Board, Access Control Committee, Architectural Review Board and Common Property Committee are actively looking into a long term solution to the problem.Though we don't anticipate that traffic flow into Deercreek will be impacted right away, however, once the final decision is made on repairs, some traffic disruption may be experienced.Watch out for emails and the electronic sign board for updates.

    May is the month for Mother's Day, end of school year and graduation parties. Please remember to load your guests’ names into the online gate system to expedite their entrance.

    It is understandable that some are getting tired of hearing about folks walking and running in the street and getting defensive when asked not to. Here are two examples that occurred recently. These spotlights unsafe behaviors.
    Case 1: About 5:00 pm on a weekend. A father on bicycle, riding with the traffic as he should have been, but with him was his teenage daughter on a skateboard in the street, and they are moving two abreast on the inside of a curve with limited visibility. When traffic approaches, the dad moves ahead of the daughter leaving her in the street on her skateboard with her back to the traffic on a curve.
    Case 2: About 10:00 pm on a week night. A couple wearing dark clothing was walking in the street, along with the traffic and carrying a tiny flashlight that is barely visible.
    These are very risky practices and our people ought to desist from such.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    By Tommy Walter

    Just a reminder to keep all windows and doors of vehicles closed and locked. Leave no valuables in plain sight in those vehicles. Also, keep garage doors down and other garage doors locked, especially after dark.

    Spring Break is approaching, and it is not unusual to see an increase in vandalism during this time; some parents may not be paying close attention to what their children are doing. Please be very observant for unusual activity, especially around the golf course, and report it immediately to the guardhouse. Residents are responsible for the behavior of guests, including driving, while they are in Deercreek.

    The new camera and security system at the guardhouse has already started paying dividends. It was very useful in identifying some non-residents who visited Deercreek before Christmas and were involved in vandalism.

  • Updates from Access Control

    Please enter your guests’ names into the Gate access system before your Super Bowl and Valentine's parties. It will get guests to the party much quicker.

    Some have asked why we monitor the speed on the road outside the guard gate up to Southside Boulevard. The answer is simple: Deercreek owns the road, and we have a legal obligation to manage it the same way we manage the roads inside the guard gate.  So, drivers will see the guards monitoring speeds there from time to time, and the speed limit is 30 miles per hour since it is inside Deercreek. An equal reason is that, safety is still the primary concern for the Access Control Committee. Speeding on the entrance road, either inbound or outbound, could lead to accidents and people getting hurt. No one wants to see that.

  • Updates from Access Control

    New cameras and a microphone have recently been installed at the gate to record entrances and exits at all lanes and to record conversations with the guards.

    The over height light for trucks has been relocated to the right side of the entrance lanes.

    Remember to please enter your guest lists into the gate access system prior to any Super Bowl or other gatherings in order to expedite your guests getting to your residence.

    Last, there are no commercial vehicles, including moving vans or commercial deliveries of any type allowed in Deercreek on Sundays. The ONLY exception to that regulation is in case of an emergency, e.g. plumbing, heating/air conditioning, emergency vehicles or Comcast, AT&T, US Postal Service.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    The Holiday Season is celebrated with parties and family gatherings. Please be sure to enter guests’ names in the gate access system BEFORE your party in order to expedite their entry.

    Some children get gifts of motorized electric cars or scooters during the holidays. Be aware that these are considered motorized vehicles and must be operated on Deercreek streets ONLY by licensed drivers. The key concern is safety, and motorized scooters are especially dangerous, several near misses between vehicles and the scooters have been reported.
    Electric cars should be driven only on sidewalks and not on golf cart paths. They should never be driven on the streets and an adult must accompany the children at all times.

    Some other reminders:

    • The bar code reader works best when vehicles are driven close by it, and most important, SLOWLY. Bar codes can also become coated with pollen and dust, which could render them unreadable. Removing the dust or pollen with a soft cloth can help in this situation.
    • Please note, only one vehicle can pass through the gate for each bar code read.
    • The new turn lanes from Southside Blvd. onto Deercreek Club Road should be open now. Please be courteous and watchful as you take this turn.

  • From the Access Control Committee

    By Tommy Walter

    As the weather cools off there will be an increase in residents walking, riding bikes and jogging. If you are driving, please be especially watchful for them, as many are more focused on their exercise than safety. If walking or jogging, please use the sidewalks. While you are out there, if you come across any unsafe areas on the sidewalks or shrubs that needs to be trimmed back, please let May Management know. DCCHOA is committed to keeping the sidewalks safe and easy to use.

    For those who insist on the unsafe practice of running or walking in the car lanes of our streets (instead of the sidewalks), please wear bright or reflective clothing at all times and ensure you walk facing the oncoming traffic. The same rule (of wearing bright/reflective clothing) applies to bicyclists as well. If on a bike, ride in the same direction as the traffic and please ride single file so as not to disrupt vehicle traffic. It is not unusual to see bikers riding three abreast with a line of cars stuck behind them.

    Following Halloween in October, we usually see an increase in traffic for football parties and of course, Holiday parties and dinners. As always, we ask that you enter your guest’s name in the gate system prior to the day of the gathering. As a last resort you can bring a hard copy of your guest list to the gate before your gathering. Doing either of these will ensure quicker access for your guests than if the guard had to first call you to verify.

  • Access Control Committee: Halloween Safety

    By Tommy Walters

    October means first of all Halloween, and being watchful for all the children trick or treating. Second, there was a very fine article in last month's newsletter about the new left turn lanes off Southside into Deercreek. Courtesy and watchfulness are the key words here. Last, as always, please enter guests names in the gate system before any social event. That will speed up guest access tremendously.

  • Access Control Committee News for July

    Having correct license plate numbers and vehicle descriptions is a very important part of the access process to Deercreek.If you have changed vehicles please be sure your vehicle description matches your license plate and vice versa. In the unlikely event something happened to your vehicle, the guards would not have complete or accurate information available to assist.

    It's July, which means 4th of July parties and fireworks. There are numerous laws and regulations regarding fireworks, and for the Access Control Committee the major issue is safety.If you purchase and shoot fireworks, please be very careful.

    Some parties have many guests who park on both sides of the street from the host. Be aware that the streets of Deercreek must have enough width span to permit the passing of an emergency vehicle. If that rule is not followed, guests will be asked to move their vehicles.

    For July parties, as is the usual request, please be sure to enter your guest’s names in the gate access software to ensure quicker entrance into the community.

  • Access Control: Dwelling Live System & Safety

    By Tommy Walter
    May is the time for end of school and graduation parties. If you will be hosting such a party, please enter all guests into the Dwelling Live system well before the event.That will expedite their getting to your home in time for the festivities. The same would apply for Memorial Day parties.

    As always, with the advent of warmer weather and the May parties, be watchful of those who choose to not be careful about their own safety and the safety of others. Residents still insist on walking or running in traffic on the roads of Deercreek, some even wearing dark clothing! Others insist on riding their bikes side by side, rather than in a single file. Golf carts still ignore stop signs and traffic courtesy. 

  • Access Control: Pedestrian & Bike Safety

    By Tommy Walter
    The safety of the DCC residents and guests is the number one priority of the Access Control Committee. Yet we continue to see vehicles ignoring stop signs (yes, golf carts are motorized vehicles which are supposed to stop at stop signs, too), speeding, people walking in the streets with their backs to traffic wearing dark clothing, and bicyclists riding side-by-side impeding vehicle traffic.

    As the weather gets warmer more and more people will be walking jogging, cycling, etc. For your own safety and the safety of others, please do the following:
    • Walk and run only on sidewalks where possible. The sidewalks have been repaired, but if you see an area that is unsafe, please report it to the guard gate.
    • If you MUST walk or run in the street, please do it facing traffic and wear brightly colored clothes regardless of the time of day or night.
    • If you are bicycling, please ride with the traffic and single file. DCC roads are not wide enough for side-by-side riding.
    • Golf carts can be a major safety hazard in that, the drivers rarely stop at stop signs and can impede traffic. If you own and/or drive a golf cart, please be courteous and safe. Obey the rules other vehicles obey.

    We all want a safe 2015. Doing these simple things will help that be a reality.

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