A Word From the Gatehouse

Panic!!! An e-mail arrives from DwellingL ive stating that you have a barcode that is expiring! No need to worry, the resident barcodes only wear out, they do not expire. However, if you have a family member or a caregiver that has a barcode, it must be renewed every year.
The DwellingLive system sends out automatic renewal notices a month prior to the expiration date of the non-resident, family member/caregiver barcode. They can be renewed with a check for $20.00 per year.
The best way to renew is to have the owner of the vehicle bring the $20 check or money order to the gate between 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday. At that time, the security officers can verify that the barcode is still in good condition and that the information on the paperwork is still correct. The computer record will then be updated immediately. After three years, new paperwork is required since there are limited spaces for renewal. If you call in advance, Capt. JP or Lt. Kirby can tell you whether you will need to fill out new paperwork or not.
Additional Information
If you need help in accessing the DwellingLive system, you are welcomed to call Lt. Kirby at the Security Gate. She can update the system with your current e-mail address and password.

Authorization Needed for: Authorization NOT needed for:
Dish Network
Food Delivery: ie Pizza, Sushi…
Community Hospice
Vietnam Vets
Salvation Army
American Veterans
Thrift Shop Donations
…and guests, family and workers
Process Servers
Flower Deliveries
Swan’s Food Delivery
Gas Company Delivery/Repair
Laundry Delivery
Mail Delivery
Fed Ex
Courier Services
School Buses
Garbage Trucks
Newspaper Deliveries