A 21-Year Tradition-"Powerliners vs. UpTowners"

By Max Zahn

On Saturday, March 21st we had our annual Resident’s Cup 27 Hole Golf Tournament here at Deercreek.This event began over 20 years ago and has continued on as one of the FUN tournaments of the year. This year, we had 28 Residents from the Back side of the Natural areas play 28 Residents from the Front side of the Natural areas. Those from the back side of the development are the “Powerliners” and those on the front side are the “UpTowners”.Each team has their own unique logo and each team wore matching shirts with those logos on them (like uniforms). This is a fun tournament and yet, very competitive. Many times over the years, the winning team score comes down to the last two or three 4-somes; and this year it was only won by 3 points on the last 9 Hole Match.

 After the tournament, the players and wives went to Max Zahn and Carson Phillip’s house for the Awards plus a superb dinner of Shrimp  & Grits, Pulled Pork Sliders, Chicken Wings and fabulous Mac &  Cheese all cooked by our Deercreek Chef - Shawn Meeks.

The highlight of the evening for the 120+ folks there had to be Neil McCormack shooting his world famous Potato Gun!Old friendships were renewed and new ones made in this one-of-a-kind gathering of Deercreek residents.This is just one more thing that makes living in Deercreek so special.