Ongoing Charity News

Mandarin Food Bank: Save the date for the Peanut butter and Jelly Drive to be held from July 7-20. With the academic year nearing an end, the need for peanut butter and jelly rises drastically. Please consider stocking up for this July event. Boxes will be available for donations at the exit gate and at the home of Carmen Kelly, 10139 Bishop Lake Rd W, 519-0622.

Books-A-Go Go: New and gently used books are collected for local students, grades Pre-K through 5.
Contact is Natalie Jackson, 10135 Deercreek Club Rd E, 519-5802.

PACE School for Girls: Donations of young ladies’ pre-owned clothes are needed for the next Boutique. The PACE students are rewarded for positive behaviors with a morning of shopping. Shoes, purses, and accessories are very popular “sale” items. Your donations can be left at the home of Vicki Kahn, 10148 Deercreek Club Rd E, 519-7722.

Jacksonville Humane Society: Bags of dried pet food, used towels and blankets, and other pet related items can be left at the home of Pam Overbay, 10042 Chester Lake Rd E, 363-6483.

Wolfson Children’s Hospital: The hospital is always in need of all sizes of diapers. Contact is Mary Stelbrink, 7917 McLaurin Rd N, 363-2360.

Gabriel House of Care: The Gabriel House is an affordable hospitality house for patients and caregivers. It is located on the Mayo Clinic Campus. The DWA sponsors themed dinners for the residents.
Contact is Jan Malick, 519-5013.

Bag Ladies: This group provides handmade bags filled with items to soothe the transition for children who arrive at the Hubbard House.
Contact is Donna Bernard, 464-0910.

Ronald McDonald House: This charity provides lodging and other services for long term pediatric patients.
Contact is Paige Yauger, 363-2809.

The RITA Foundation (Research is the Answer): This nonprofit organization was founded by your neighbors in Deercreek and continues to raise funds to support cancer research. Contact is Carol D’Onofrio, 519-0924.

New Heights: This charity provides services to children and adults with special needs. Contact is Michelle Abner, 363-0903.