Because Thanksgiving is the same week as our regular meeting date, we will go on a Field Trip in November instead. Eco Relics has been on our radar for some time and we are excited about getting to go and see them firsthand. It is a fascinating 50,000 sq ft old warehouse filled with building materials, antiques, architectural salvage, both vintage and new accessories, and unique pieces built from bits and pieces.

In 2014, Michael and Ann Murphy established Eco Relics stemming from their desire to prevent usable construction supplies from entering landfills, while preserving as many architectural relics as possible. Like the TV show “Salvage Dawgs”, they go into buildings being demolished and harvest the beautiful fixtures, doors, woodwork, sinks, and hardware. Eco Relics even takes your pavers & bricks, landscaping materials (yes, even trees and bushes), and countertops, cabinets, flooring, lighting, plumbing and any wood – as long as it isn’t termite infested! Then they sell or repurpose these things. “We offer many different options to help you get rid of your stuff! Please consider calling us before filling a dumpster or putting stuff out on the curb for pick up.” Those of you who are remodeling kitchens and bathrooms might want to give them a call!

Their shop is even recycled from an historic railroad depot in the heart of Jacksonville. Besides the rows of doors and window, the bins of doorknobs and faucets and the piles of lumber, you will find many treasures…. Signs, Antiques, Props for parties, photo shoots or weddings, patio pavers, the perfect accent piece for your DIY project….

Check out their website at then make plans to join us for the Field Trip on the 15th We don’t need reservations but you will need to be at the Pool by 10 if you want to carpool. We will go out to lunch together after the tour.